Protection and Style: Here’s Why Custom Phone Cases Make Great Gifts

Sometimes it can be hard to shop for someone. How do you get a gift for a person who basically has everything they want? Your best option is to create something custom and unique. There is no possibility the person already has it and you get to show off your creativity.

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Customizable phone cases are a good choice for a gift because it is something that everyone can use. Studies have shown that at least 79 percent of people who own a smartphone also own a case to accompany it.

Even if a person already has a case, they can always switch things up and swap between the two, or more. For people who like to coordinate their outfits, this might be a helpful item.

It’s not unheard of for people to have multiple cases. As prices have dropped and the design of cases have drastically changed over the years, more people started buying them for fashion purposes, as opposed to protection.

Deciding on a Photo or Design

When coming up with a case idea for someone, take into account that person’s hobbies, likes, style, family, work, sense of humour or anything else that can help spark an idea. To make the gift extra special, see if you can find a photo that will remind both of you about a wonderful time together, such as a vacation or holiday.

An obvious choice would be a photo of the two of you. Since not everyone wants to have a photo of themselves on a phone case, another option is finding a shot of scenery from a special occasion. Sunsets or ocean views are pretty to look at and can be very sentimental.

Photos of adorable animals are always a hit. For the pet lover in your life, have a case made with pictures of their favorite animals. Some companies offer the ability to upload multiple photos and have a collage created. This can be an attractive way to get multiple photos of animals in the case.

Pictures can be customized before starting the online process using programs like those created by Adobe. Once uploaded, pictures can be edited further.

Do you know an artist or photographer? Getting a custom phone case made with their art showcased on it might bring some tears. It can be a great way for an artist to show off their work without having to do anything.

Another idea to keep in mind is playing around with transparency. You can have certain areas of your case be see through. This can be a fun way to introduce different elements into the design while making it unique and interesting.

Colors can also be see-through when done in a certain way on a clear case. Without applying a white under the base, you will be able to look through and see elements of your phone through the image.

Adding a company logo can be a great way to promote someone’s business. If the person you know has their own company, this is a good opportunity for them to get free promotion.

This can be a very smart choice for small or family-owned businesses. People can notice the phone case whenever they are out, providing them with advertising at no cost.

For your phone to turn out nice, you must have a picture that is clear and has a resolution of at least 300 dpi. If you are adding text or clipart, be mindful of where it is going so you don’t accidentally cover someone’s face. Also, keep in mind the placement of the camera on your phone.

Images you upload can be full color, duotone or black and white. Using the sepia or black and white option, you can obtain a vintage feel with minimal work.

Adding Text

If you want to add text, something as simple as the person’s name or nickname can do. You can be more creative by selecting a poem or quote that the person may hold dear. When you are customizing a design, you can choose from a variety of fonts for the text.

Different fonts can convey different moods or feelings. From serious, too scared, to elegant, and everything in between, a font can really tie all of the different elements together and help portray the feelings associated with the photo.

Dates can be added when memorializing special events. A wedding photo with the date of their anniversary is a great idea for remembering that special day.

When adding a lot of text, you may have to select a small font size to fit everything. Small text, in general, can be hard for a lot of people to read. If there is an image behind the text, it could become nearly impossible to read.

When it comes to designing a case, you want people to be able to see it from across the room and get a feel for the entire piece. Small text won’t translate well when viewed from afar.

For something understated, stylish and sleek, a simple pattern in the person’s favorite color can look amazing on a monogrammed case. Regardless of what you choose, the person will see the effort you put into their gift and cherish it for a lifetime.

Adding Clip Art

If done properly, clip art can be a great accent to your design. Generally speaking, the less clip art, the better. Too much and the case can start to take on a younger look and feel. One piece of clip art to accent something special in that person’s life is all you need.

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Don’t be afraid to take your time and play around with different photos, objects, clip art, text and more. To create something truly amazing, you will have to put a little bit of effort into it.

Choosing a Supplier

To create your own phone case, you can use various printing companies found online. Simply upload a photo to start designing. Most sites will let you add text and clipart using tools they make available to you.

Factors when deciding on a printing company can include pricing, ease of use, quality, processing and shipping, customer service, among other aspects.

When looking at pricing, especially if this is your first time designing something, go with one of the cheaper companies. It can’t hurt to do a trial run and see how your gift will turn out. Sometimes things don’t translate the way you expect it to when going from screen to print.

Ease of use will obviously play a big role in deciding what supplier to go with. If you are not capable of designing the product you want with certain companies, move on to one that can handle your requests.

The quality of work the company produces is very important. You don’t want to waste your money on something that comes across as cheap, especially when it is going to be a gift. Be sure to read many user reviews to see what other people thought.

If you are going to order a test case, this will be a good opportunity to view the quality for yourself. Check the case to see if it seems strong. When inspecting the print job, look for any lines, pixelation or noise – you shouldn’t have any of these.

Also, pay attention to the processing and shipping. Because these items are made to order, you have to expect that they will take a little while to show up at your front door. However, if it takes an extremely long time, it may not be worth using that company.

Customer service will be Important for those who sometimes struggle with technology. When you have no one else to answer a minor question, you may have to contact customer support.

Some people may be slightly embarrassed or feel silly when contacting customer service for a minor thing, but that is what they are paid to do. Get the help you want and deserve. If customer service is bad or non-existent, or you have to wait on hold for a long time before getting to speak to someone, this could be a deal breaker for some.

Selecting a Case

Let’s not forget that one of the main reasons why personalized phone cases make a great gift is because they also protect your expensive phone. Function and style combined to create a unique gift that almost everyone will love.

Some options you may be presented with when designing your case include slim cases, bumper cases, wallet cases, among others. Most cases are capable of protecting your phone from minor drops. If the phone is for someone who is more clumsy, a bumper case might be the route to go.


Before hitting that final submit button, double check and make sure everything is spelt correctly, including monograms, names and dates. Give your order one more look over just to make sure you are completely happy with the end product.

Feel confident knowing that you got that special someone in your life an amazing gift that came from your heart.

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