Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Is It Important Tool To Stay Safe?

Internet security issues in 2019 are increasingly attracting the attention of the world community. This is mainly due to the fact that the threat of user data leakage increases in an arithmetic progression.

Unfortunately, there is a very small number of different Internet assistants that can guarantee the safety of user data, as well as ensure efficient and fast operation in the global Internet space.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem

However, what should do all those for whom security is at the forefront and who do not want to neglect it when working on the Internet? Pay attention to the improved closed ecosystem – Utopia P2P ecosystem, which guarantees safe and anonymous operation, as well as provides functionality for this.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Why is it safe?

As the main benefit, we can highlight the fact that the system is based on a peer-to-peer architecture. It does not use a single server for storing client data, but creates a personal server for each.

Secondly, as the main methods of data encryption and storage, the ecosystem uses Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES that are responsible for data warehouse protection.

Thirdly, it doesn’t ask clients to enter personal data during the registration process. So every client who uses the ecosystem remains in incognito mode during all Internet sessions. Besides, the user’s nickname is a personal key. The ecosystem generates it for each client. It also opens the personal server.

Utopia P2P ecosystem: Why is it multi-functional?

Utopia is a multi-functional and multi-purposed ecosystem. It has built-in functions that can provide users with high-quality work.

1] uMessenger.

Anonymous messenger, which is a worthy alternative to the usual messengers. However, unlike others, it does not disclose user data, and also allows you to exchange encrypted audio and text messages, send various video files, stickers and emojis. The users can create private chats with multiple users, as well as create channels and mark them on uMap.

2] uMail.

A file-sharing service that can replace the usual email that users have recently lost any confidence in. In this case, users can send each other different files and documents.

3] Idyll.

It is an anonymous browser that is based on the uNS technology. It means that all necessary sites has been created and added. The users don’t need to go outside and search for different sites with the desired information. Above all, each client can make his site with the open access thank to tunnel data technology.

4] uWallet.

An electronic wallet that securely stores the system’s cryptocurrency – cryptons. With the help of cryptons, clients can make and accept any financial payments. All actions are performed anonymously and without entering additional data.

Besides, users can play built-in ecosystem games. They allow you to have fun bothal one and in the company of friends.

Try to use the updated system and to be protected all the time! Utopia P2P ecosystem is waiting for your attention and support!

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