Tips to Keep Your Data Safe In Seagate Hard Drive

Seagate is considered a high-quality hard drive. People choose this hard drive because it has a bigger capacity to keep important data than any other hard drives in the market.

How to protect a Seagate external hard drive

It is not only providing the users with bigger storage space, but Seagate also gives extra protection for the files. Of course, you still have to keep the files on the hard drive properly to prevent any unwanted condition including losing those data.

Read the tips the way to keep your hard drive as well as the data inside it safe so you can use it anytime you want.

1] Download Trusted Software Only

Because you have bigger storage capacity and high-quality hard drive, you often don’t really think about the software or files you keep there. Just make sure that you only download trusted software in the hard drive.

Downloading unknown software triggers some serious impacts including losing the files on the hard drive. It is a must to scan the software from viruses or malware before downloading it. The most important, just make sure that you only download the software you need most, and you will use it regularly.

In the case that you lose important files from the hard drive, it is also a must to download trusted seagate external hard drive recovery software. By using a trusted recovery software, you can get the deleted or lost files back. The process will be fast and easy along with high accuracy level.

2] Remove the Unused Programs

While using the hard drive, you keep so many programs, files, images, and many others. You don’t really care about it until the hard drive shows uncommon condition. One of the worse conditions is that you can lose some files without knowing it. Then, you can’t find the files when you need it right away.

The best solution to prevent such kind of problem is by deleting or removing some unused programs. This simple trick is able to reduce the performance of the hard drive and add new programs you often used.

3] Defrag the Hard Drive

Another trick to keep your data in the Seagate hard drive safe is by defragmented the hard drive on a regular basis. The function of defragmenting the hard drive is to improve the performance. The more unused data in the hard drive, the slower the speed of the hard drive. Defragmenting process is to collect and check the scatter data.

How to Defragment Your Computer Hard Drive

By the time you defrag the hard drive, it works properly. It is important to defrag the hard drive on a weekly basis, especially if you use it for business.

4] Clean the Components and Keep Away from Overheating  

You can also prevent from losing data by cleaning the components from dust and debris. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you don’t use the hard drive too long.

Overheating triggers serious damage and the chance to lose important files are bigger. The point is to make the components clean and use it wisely. As the result, you can keep the performance of the hard drive longer.

5] Make a Backup

Just make sure that you have a backup data although you have saved them in the high-quality hard drive. Don’t underestimate this simple trick because it helps you a lot, especially if there is something wrong with the hard drive and you need to use the data right away. So, just make a backup by the time you complete a specific task.

6] Prepare Trusted Data Recovery Software

How about if you lose the data? The best thing you can do is downloading trusted data recovery software. There are several software systems you can use to recover the data. Just make sure that the software is able to recover data from any kind of problems.

Consider its speed and accuracy during the scanning process. It will be better if the software has a deep scanning feature, so you can rescan the hard drive to get all the deleted or lost data.

The point is that no matter what your hard drive, you still have to treat it properly to prevent unwanted conditions. Seagate hard drive is known as a high-quality product and it keeps your data safe well.

Even if there is a problem and you can’t find the data, you can just use data recovery software to get them back normally. The most important thing doesn’t forget to create a backup.

Basic Guide to Hard Drive Recovery


Seagate hard drive is a high-quality product to keep your data safe. Of course, you still have to use it wisely. This article shows some tips to use the hard drive wisely.

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