5 Tips for Choosing a Proxy Service Provider

Proxy servers provide a way to access the internet without giving away your own IP address. This offers privacy and security when using services that dislike multiple searches, which tend to trigger an IP ban when using the same IP address repeatedly.

Choosing a Proxy Service Provider

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Choosing a proxy provider is not an easy task. There are a number of important considerations when it comes to proxies. In this article, we include five tips to help when trying to choose between different proxy service providers.

1] Learn what type of proxy you need

There are different types of proxies available. The main ones are:

  1. Residential
  2. Data center
  3. Shared
  4. Dedicated

Each type of proxy has individual pros and cons to their usage. For instance, when using a shared proxy there is a risk that the activities of someone else sharing that proxy may cause a problem for all.

Similarly, larger websites can use software to determine that a data center proxy is being used by tracing the proxy IP address to its source and then blocking access.

Know what you wish to do when using a proxy to ensure its suitability. This avoids future problems when choosing the wrong proxy type for your needs.

2] Buy only from legitimate businesses

Proxies should only be purchased from legitimate companies. These will follow proper procedures and adhere to the local laws.

Buy only from legitimate businesses

The last thing you need is someone using a proxy for nefarious purposes and the proxy provider not preventing it. It’s far better to use a higher-quality proxy service provider that requires a high level of ethics from its customers. Everyone must take their responsibility seriously.

3] Keep in mind the price but don’t base your decision entirely on it

Customers look at price as a demonstration of value. However, there’s quite a bit that goes into the price in the proxy marketplace.

For instance, the number of endpoints, how many threads and the number of IP addresses required plays into the quoted price.

The type of proxy also alters the price dynamic – a residential proxy is worth more than a data center proxy because it’s safer and less problematic to use. The provider may include additional services within a single price that other providers offer for an extra charge.

Also, reliability should be considered too. If proxies regularly go down, then the customer is prevented from using them when they need to.

Paying up for a professional proxy company that delivers more at a slightly higher price point is often worth the additional cost.

4] Find out what other users say

Find out what other users say

Getting the opinions of other people is useful when considering what proxy provider to try out. People who scrape data from sites and perform other actions with a proxy providing the connection speak from their personal experience. This often beats promotional rhetoric or advertising.

Online sources with customer opinions or reviews are useful, including sites like Quora, Medium, and Proxyway.com.

5] Request a free trial

It’s a great idea to request a free trial of a type of proxy that you believe will be ideal for your needs. Test the proxy using the software or web browser you’re planning to use with it. Any issues with connections or anonymizing the connection are discoverable at that time.

Talk over any teething problems or quiz technical support to see how they handle the queries. This can give you confidence that they’re a solid provider before paying for the service.

Getting the right proxy provider is so important when using proxies as a foundational service your business operation relies upon.

And even if you only plan to use a proxy occasionally, it must work as and when it’s needed. The reassurance that a better proxy provider offers its customers is priceless.

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