TikTok App Conquers The Marketing Business

The lip-synching application TikTok is regarded as the next big thing in the social media world. The social platform has a huge user base across global countries, making it an inevitable social platform.

The application is lauded as a ‘teenagers application’ as Gen Z is more active on TikTok rather than other leading social platforms. TikTok, the short-video social application, is witnessing a consistent rise in terms of user base for the past few years.

TikTok App Conquers The Marketing Business

On the other hand, Facebook, with 1.65 billion users holding the record for having the most number of users, is having a snail-paced increase in its user base. Hence, many brands have turned their focus towards TikTok and are planning campaigns that fit with the characteristics of the application.

TikTok ‘The Homeland Of Gen Z’:

TikTok has conquered young minds more than any other social platform. According to a recent survey, 47% of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24. People of these age groups spend more time on TikTok when compared to other social platforms.

Since the application is filled with endless entertaining content, these teenagers are completely glued to it. Subsequently, the user base of this platform is also increasing consistently. As the majority of the brands have Gen Z and Millenials as their target audience, they flock into TikTok and run multiple ad campaigns to generate leads.

Trollishly is one of the leading service providers that help businesses to find their target audience easily. Marketers have opined that if a brand is capable of coming up with a stellar promotional ad for its product, it could easily maximize the conversion rate by leveraging TikTok.

TikTok ‘The Lead Generation Platform’

TikTok has 800 million active users globally. It has achieved this mark within three years of its launch, whereas it took nearly six years for Instagram to gain the same number of active users.

The platform has a considerable user base in all the corners of the world, including the USA, China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, and African countries like Cambodia. Hence, TikTok is a humongous market place where all sorts of brands and businesses could find their customers.

Realizing the potential of this social application, brands are allocating a large sum of their budget for social media promotions to TikTok. Hence, everyone right from start-up to a globally renowned brand consider TikTok as their lead generation medium.

The Way Brands Leveraging Influencer Marketing On TikTok

TikTok is widely considered as the platform that works best for influencer marketing. Many people have risen to fame by entertaining people through this platform and have garnered many followers. Influencers on TikTok are enjoying a huge fan base the same as that of movie stars.

However, their counterparts on other leading social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram do not have the same reception. Understanding the potential of the influencers on TikTok, brands are keen on collaborating with them and promoting their product.

It is a known fact that influencer marketing will gain massive momentum in 2020. Especially on TikTok, the demand is comparatively high for influencers. Hence, brands are in the quest of influencers who could align with their brand tone.

The majority of the influencers on TikTok have become famous by delivering engaging content to people. The short-video application is used as a stage by many people to exhibit their skills and to grab attention. People who aspire to become actors consider TikTok as the perfect platform to garner recognition.

Artists who are good at dancing and acrobats flaunt their skills on TikTok. With time, these people have gained a large number of followers, thus turning them into an influencer.

One of the notable characteristics of influencers is that they maintain a strong bond with their followers. Hence, brands and businesses are aiming to use influencers as a medium to promote their products.

How TikTok Helps Brands To Reach Their Target Audience Effortlessly?

With regard to the increasing user base, TikTok has rolled out some features that would help brands spot their target audience easily in the huge crowd. For launching paid-ads, TikTok has given options to filter out the irrelevant people and to reach out to the people who are more likely to turn into a customer.

TikTok also has its very own ‘conversion’ option that could make the ads appear in the feed of people who could possibly turn into a customer. Once a brand avails of this option, TikTok itself carries out various analytical measures and finds the prospect who could turn into the customer for a brand.

Subsequently, the brand’s ad will be showcased in front of the prospect, who would end up making the purchase. Thus, these features have lessened the burden of the marketers and help to achieve the sales goal with less strain. Eventually, it drives many businesses to choose TikTok as it eases the process of lead generation.

The Video-Dominant Application

It has become viable for TikTok to drive Generation Z towards it due to its video-dominant nature. Teens and even Millenials are easily intrigued by the visuals rather than any other form of content. Since the platform is filled with a vast chunk of videos, it has made people glue to it easily.

TikTok was rolled-out when the video content began to gain momentum globally. The majority of the social platforms that become famous in the past two years are video-centric. However, TikTok is able to compete with these platforms and able to sustain its user base.

This has made brands believe TikTok as a reliable platform for marketing. Alongside, TikTok also brings out necessary modifications and rolls-out new features to its platform to excite the users and make them stay with it.

TikTok Taking Control Of Superpower Countries

India, USA, and China are the top countries that are known for their purchasing power. Due to the huge population and economic status of the people, countless brands and businesses have their footprints in these countries. Notably, TikTok has an astonishing user base in all three countries.

India tops the chart of the countries with the most number of TikTok users. It has 190 million users, followed by the USA, with 41 million users. According to recent stats, 57% of Gen Z in China are active users of TikTok, which is expected to increase further in the coming years.

Usually, the competition between businesses used to be high in these countries as brands pump-in a large sum of money into marketing to drive people towards them.

As social media marketing has grown into a significant medium to grab customers, TikTok has become an inevitable medium in all these countries due to its enormous user base.

Bottom Line

The growth of a social platform cannot be hampered until people find any other platform to be more intriguing. As of now, the engagement rate for brand promotions on TikTok is impressive.

Hence, marketers have decided to have their complete focus on this platform. They are looking to frame effective marketing strategies to maximize their social selling by leveraging TikTok. Hence, TikTok will be the epicenter of social media marketing for at least the next few years.

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