Three Cheers for Software Developers

In this technological age, it’s easy to take things for granted. We have come to rely upon numerous pieces of software to make our lives easier, but we don’t really think about why we’re able to enjoy the technology we do.

Software Developers

Software developers receive very little credit for the difference they make in our lives. So, here we’ll take a look at some of the way’s software developers have helped make our lives easier to give them the recognition they deserve.

1] Cyber security

By far one of the biggest things we have software developers to thank for is cyber security. From the development of anti-virus software to complex security systems, software developers consistently help us to protect our personal and business details.

Without adequate protection, we would consistently be at risk of hackers trying to steal our financial details. So, as you browse the web in the knowledge your system is protected, spare a thought to the software developers who made it all possible.

2] Management systems

Other useful software which has helped to boost business efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service, is management systems. From business to patient management, there are many useful management software programs we use on a daily basis.

The healthcare industry has especially been improved by the introduction of management systems such as PAS. Helping practitioners to access and manage patient case files in real time, it has really aided in make the healthcare system more efficient and cost effective.

3] Communication

Finally, thanks to software developers, we now have more communication options open to us than ever before. Whether for business or personal communication, there are so many different ways to stay in touch.

Email, social media messaging and instant messaging apps all help us to communicate with one another instantly, no matter where we are in the world.


It’s not just written or typed communication we rely on either. Video calls are possible thanks to developers. Skype is potentially the largest video call software used throughout the world, but there are others that enable us to see our loved ones and colleagues wherever we are.

These are just some of the way’s software developers have helped to transform our lives. They rarely get the recognition they deserve so here’s to the hard-working men and women who strive to make our lives easier without expecting anything in return.

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