How To Start My Own Online Website!

You are a very private person, so when it comes to sharing your interests and thoughts you prefer sharing it with someone with whom you could relate to. Thankfully many Social networking sites and applications these days help us to connect with such people who share similar interest as yours. But, sometimes that does not seem enough for you, because you might need to share more than that. Be it a hobby, organization skills, gardening or cleaning hacks a social networking site might not be enough for you to express and share your ideas. In such cases, a website is what you would need to write post or share your ideas and work.

How To Start Your Own Online Website

How To Start Your Own Online Website
How To Start My Own Online Website

Bet, it’s easy to start your personal website

Starting a website of your own is quite simple these days. You can either opt for professional services where you would have to pay for their services for helping create and register a domain name and also help you design your website. If in case you are not willing to spend that much for a website, you can opt for free website.You can try such free websites through sites like,where you can create a website without having to spend a single penny. Creating a website does not mean you must have in depth knowledge about web designing. With few simple steps, creating your website can be fun and easy. The simple steps provided by the website guides you from creating to listing your website. You can choose various designs and templates provided by the free websites or can also find many more designs which are easily available on internet, one such website is

Apart from creating a website design there are other things, which would make your website, look more attractive and interesting. One such important feature is the content of the website. A rich content not only makes your website look interesting, but it also helps it optimize better in search engine. A rich content does not necessarily mean something which is only unique; but it also means it contains information, ideas which are related to topic and at the same time are updated from time to time, which will make it appear more engaging, interesting and streamlined. After creating your website, there are many ways to advertise your website. For free advertising you can promote it through social networking sites, one such site is or you can link your website with social networking sites under links like follow us in your website. In case you are thinking of creating a store to sell your home made products or craft products, you can create a store website where you would have to create an account with online payment sites like and connect it with your website. You can always check for more design and features for your personal store website. I recommend all my visitors to work on coversion ratio and bounce rate. These are the 2 most important factors we need to keep in mind while running a blog. Higher the bounce rate, higher the penalty chances. Few websites with good Bounce rate (Expected Bounce rate 27%), (Expected Bounce rate 21%), (Expected Bounce rate 29%), (Expected Bounce rate 17%)

How To Start My Own Online Website
How To Start My Own Online Website

Most interesting site is to analysis is CouponMachine. As you know coupon websites have good fan following. It the only place where visitors used to spent more than hours on a single page. For example, you can visit Flipkart offers page where you can find more than 100 interesting deals. May be this is the only reason why Couponmachine has such bounce rate. Not only this coupon website, there are 100’s of coupon websites which have good bounce rates. If you want to watch movies online then kindly check free movie websites list for free.

However,Having a personal website is always a better way to express your talent or ideas better and also help you connect with many people of same interest whom you could have not have been able connect locally.

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