SEO Rules for Blogging Success

Blogging involves a good knowledge in identifying what is worth using in terms of SEO and what is better to stay away from if you do not want to face troubles. Many websites offering, for example, essay writing services and other online services use SEO to become attractive to the clients. Therefore, the same technique is used by the famous bloggers. Stay in the right track and be successful in blogging while following these easy SEO rules. Trust us, they really work well!

Top SEO Rules for Blogging

SEO Rules for Blogging

1. Check your domain

Usually Google can penalize some domains and those people, who buy them do not know about it. Therefore, it may cause a lot of problems and some bloggers can give up and think that blogging is a huge mistake they made.

However, this problem can be simply avoided if you will check the history of your domain before making a purchase. In addition, you can always make a new domain because sometimes this way may be easier than trying to fix the penalized one.

2. Make an attractive design

Users want to see an eye-catching and appealing website. In addition, nowadays it is very important to have a well-designed website in order to be distinguished from the rest of others. For example, take a look at website which is a good example of the perfectly SEO proceeded website.

If the blogging is a serious part of your life, then consider buying a theme or hire a professional designer to create something unique for your blogging platform. Moreover, it is recommended to use WordPress platform to simplify your blog creation.

3. Fast website is needed

Slow access can turn away your readers. Everybody wants to read everything as fast as possible. Whether your blog is about the essay writing services, fashionable clothes or make-up tutorials, make the access fast. Therefore, adding speed to the loading of your website can keep the readers reading your blog and turning from page to page for a long time. Read the article about how to make your website load faster.

4. Become friends with Google

Google authorship used to be popular during many years but three years ago it came to an end. However, now it will, probably, make a comeback.

How it used to work?

First of all, you had to create a Google+ profile and then associate the content you publish with your account. This was a way to participate into Google authorship. When Google trusts you, then all the people trust you. Therefore, if your blog did not have a valid identity, you had to register with Google authorship as soon as possible. This information is only for broadening your knowledge and if this service will be again on, then you may use it.

5. Publish long and qualitative content

Short stories usually do not impress the public. Make blogs, which include at least 2000 words and do not forget to make them interesting and useful. Many people argue that the length of the content is not important, however, numerous studies proved otherwise.

6. Promote your website

Use social media marketing to promote your blog. Comment on different bloggers, use keyword phrases to optimize your blogs for search engines and consider posting the information about your blog on the social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

7. Respect the readers

You have to respect your audience. SEO is about the users and you need to provide the reliable and proven information to make your readers trust you. In addition, make your website accessible from all the devices including the computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

Respect the readers

All in all, there is no single step for making your blog successful. Only using a mixture of different SEO techniques can make you blog a top-ranked one. Therefore, try to use 7 tips above in order to become a popular blogger. Good luck! 🙂

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  2. This was a way to participate into Google authorship. When Google trusts you, then all the people trust you. Therefore, if your blog did not have a valid identity, Really nice tip

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