5 Reasons to Ditch Your Bulky Fax Machine

In the current age of digital operations, it makes no sense to be using the old bulky fax machine in the office. These are items that are obsolete in as far as smooth operations in an office are concerned. Electronic faxing such as fax from Gmail is what many people have embraced nowadays. In this article, we shall discuss 5 reasons people should now embrace the digital fax.

Ditch Your Bulky Fax Machine

Here are the 5 reasons to ditch your bulky fax machine:

1) Your bulky fax machine is expensive to run

When it comes to electronic fax, one is able to use the easy system and it is also less expensive compared to the traditional bulky fax machine. All you need to receive electronic fax messages is an internet connection and an email account.

A simple Gmail fax account will enable you to receive your faxes electronically regardless of your location in the world. The traditional fax machine will require maintenance and repair when it breaks down. This is not the case with the electronic fax system.

2) The electronic faxing is a “greener” way to receive documents

If you love the environment, you will endeavor to preserve trees. When you use the bulky fax machine, you are for sure going to use paper for the purpose of printing the faxes. This means more trees will be cut for the purpose of making paper.

As such, the fax machines do not help promote environmental conservation. Electronic faxes do not have to be printed. You can access the message electronically and save it for future reference.

electronic faxing

3) It is easy to trace electronic faxes

Unlike the traditional methods of faxing, it is possible for you to trace the fax messages that you send electronically. You can receive notification when your electronic fax message has been received on the other end.

With the traditional fax machine, you have no way of telling if the fax was received. As such, you need to ditch your bulky fax machine if you need to trace your sent fax messages.

4) The electronic fax is more secure compared to the fax machine

When it comes to business communication, the electronic faxing method is one of the securest ways that businesses can send and receive documents.

With the traditional fax machines, all incoming faxes have to be printed, meaning that they can be easily accessed by unauthorized people. Any attempt to access the electronic faxes means that their transmission will cease. This is not the case with the fax machines.

5) Digital fax comes with many extras

There are many extra features that come with electronic faxes. Most of the companies that offer electronic fax services provide extras such as cloud storage and even a toll-free number. You can also share large files such that you will be able to send your saved files through fax.

Remember that this would not have been possible with the bulky fax machine in the office.

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