Promotion on Instagram: 6 Steps to Success

I’m sure everybody has dreamt about gaining fame on Instagram. And not just getting fame, but getting it fast. The Internet abounds with poor articles which teach you how to get 10 000 followers, how to promote your business.

Promotion on Instagram

But here, in this article, I will tell you how to promote your account on  Instagram from my own personal experience. Be ready to know all the boring truth and amazing tricks.

Build up the clear strategy

Ask yourself three questions and build your strategy based upon the answers.

What do you want to achieve? Write down the goals you want to achieve. Define the tasks, solving which, you will complete the goals. Of course, you know that goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. For instance, “I want to get 11 000 followers and start making money on advertising within the next 4 months.”

What is your Target Audience? You should understand who do you work for and what people you want to attract. That’s a vital thing to understand.

What do you have an eye for? To become popular among Instagrammers, you should introduce some value to them. Think about what expertise you can boast.

Create fine content

The content itself is the most critical part of your promotion. Focus your attention on it. The quality of the photos should be the highest. Publish pictures with people, faces are what everybody is looking for.

Publish videos even more often. You’ve probably heard that video content is perceived by our brains much better. So make each of your video outstanding. Use Instagram filters to make them so. You can publish them in Stories to get the best results.

Do not forget that all of your followers will expect day-to-day content from you. To answer the expectations of your followers, arrange for finding the best automation tool which offers the function of scheduled posting.

Optimize it

Wow, your content is amazing now! It’s high time to select the most suitable Instagram hashtags to start promoting your account. You should choose one or two popular tags like #instagood #photooftheday #instadaily and add more specific tags.

For instance, if you sell eco-food, add #eco #healthyfood #food #vegan #bio #organic #eatclean #glutenfree #smoothietime #balancedbody #eatingwell #ecofood to the caption of your photos and videos.

It’s quite beneficial to use Hashtag generator to produce relevant tags for each post. And do not forget to mix tags – do not use the same tags, it’s boring and annoying.

Draw people to your profile

Such tactics as mass-liking and mass-following will never let you down I swear. If you show your interest to your TA, they will return the favor. The only problem here is that you need to do that in large numbers. I do not possess such virtue as patience and persistence, so I use IG automation tools for that.

If to adjust the proper targeting settings, such tools are able to attract only target audience, without any bots and fakes. For me, that’s important, and for you?

Communicate with followers

Communicating with your audience is an integral part of all promo campaign. Staying in touch with your followers will not only enhance their loyalty and engagement, but it will also attract other people to you as a personality.

As you know, IG algorithms promote those post which gets more likes, comments, and views, and if your audience is active, it’s much easier to achieve. And how to make it active. Motivate them to chat with you!

You need to comment on their posts, you should like their Feed and comments, watch their Stories and communicate with them in Direct.

As it’s quite time-consuming processes, I advise you to use automation tools to conduct all those actions. Thanks to their AI algorithms the number of those interactions will be higher and.

Track results

Here I’m talking about observing statistics and analyzing the results of your promotion. It’s vital to see how your audience responds to a particular type of content you publish. Moreover, this way you will see all the advantages and disadvantages of your IG promotion. What metrics should you analyze?

  • Number of new followers per day.
  • Number of likes per day.
  • The activity of your audience – comments, reposts, messages, etc.
  • The engagement rate.
  • The loyalty of followers.

Thus, that was 6 main steps toward Instagram success. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for your attention.

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