Origin of the #Hashtag In Social Media (Infographic)

There’s a global phenomenon in town, and it seems like it’s here to stay. Yes, I’m talking about the hashtag. It existed under the alias “Octothorpe” long before Twitter was born, and it has recently risen to prominence as an easy way to insert yourself into any online conversation.

Origin of the #Hashtag

What is the hashtag? Where did it come from? How do you use it? Find out why you keep seeing that little symbol in your feeds with our latest social media #infographic.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike task project management tool.

Origin of the #Hashtag in Social Media

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  1. Hi Harrison,
    It is indeed a great joy to be here today. Thanks for dropping by and the thought-provoking comment you dropped in. Yes,, Wrike developed a wonderful and informative infographic on the origin of hashtags.
    Well done., well expressed to the needs of your readers. This is my first visit to your space and will come again to read more. Keep sharing. 🙂
    With All Good Wishes From Philipscom Hyderabad.

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