2019 SEO Forecast: The 5 Optimization Trends to Implement Next Year

Are you looking for ways to succeed with your online business? Are you looking for a way to improve your traffic next year? Then look no further.

Forecasting SEO

With these five optimization hacks, you can increase your website traffic tenfold in just two months. They are simple tools that can be easily implemented to get ahead in this competitive and fast-changing industry.

Let’s jump in.

1) Mobile first

Did you know that mobile phones have generated more than 52% of global online traffic in 2018? This is so high compared to 4 years ago when it was just 27%. This means there will be even more mobile phone searches next year as compared to desktop searches.

This is why Google decided to prioritized mobile users experience over desktop user experience by releasing the mobile first indexing update in March of 2018. Googlebot will use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking to help the mobile phone users get what they are looking for.

You have to ensure the mobile version of your site is user-friendly, full of valuable content and good as the desktop one: Googlebot will prioritize it over other, and the online community will prefer it.

2) Quality Writing

According to 2017 Meaningful Brands Index, 84% of internet users expect engaging and informative content but what they get is mostly poor quality and irrelevant.

When people see that the brand is not meeting their needs, they will not care about it too. They will no longer care about the existence of the brand.

You have to realize that search engines are getting smarter every day and they no longer focus only on keywords. They are looking for the perfect results for their users’ questions, based on the reader’s experience. They focus more on local SEO.

For your articles to rank high, you need to invest in quality writing. Create engaging and interesting contents that show your readers that you care about their needs. Remember also to add LSI keywords related to the topic and give your in-depth article, the opportunity to rank high on the internet.

3)  Video Content

According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, by 2021 online video will reach 83 % of all consumer online traffic. Therefore, to have a positive impact on quality content for your SEO results, you have to consider online videos.

Online videos are becoming popular by the day, and so is their importance regarding search engine optimization techniques. The secret is that the more engaging a video, the longer users stay at your site, which helps you to rank higher on Google.

4)  Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence suits user’s expectations and brand’s required attitude towards advancements in search engines technology. There is a serious relationship between artificial intelligence and local SEO that has a massive potential impact on your optimization strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

The role of AI is to help users find their most relevant and tailor made answers for their questions. Sites that follow the rules of local SEO will always rank high. Always pay attention to user experience and satisfaction. Think like a reader and understand the search queries users may apply. Become natural, and AI will be friendly to you.

5) Voice Search

Voice Search is another important SEO trend to watch out for in 2019. Add Cortana, Bixby, Alice, Siri and Alexa to Google Assistant and you will get a high ranking in the Search Engines. In future obtaining information will no longer be based on typing queries so grab this opportunity!

Final thoughts

If you want better optimization results in 2019, pay attention to user experience and satisfaction. Try to understand the search queries instead of acting like a robot.

Invest more time in crafting quality and informative content that readers want and love; these are the only ways to have higher website traffic in 2019.

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