5 Online Marketing Courses With Certificates

Because of the skills gap in online marketing, it will create thousands of jobs by 2020 worldwide, and these vacancies need to be filled only by certified digital marketers.

Online Marketing Courses With Certificates

That’s why certification courses, like those recommended by WebMarketing123-courses, play an important role in equipping you with the right knowledge and skills in online marketing like what a true professional should have.

Taking digital marketing online courses will help you broaden your knowledge and obtain the necessary certificate that you can boast in your CV. Keeping yourself up-to-date gives you an edge and increase your chances of working with high-paying companies.

Also, it will help you plan, start, and manage your own digital marketing business in the future once you have gained enough experience.

In this post, it’s worth identifying the most sought online marketing courses that will provide you the certification you need to be called as a specialist. Here are some of these courses:

1] Moz Udemy SEO Training Course

One of the most popular SEO online marketing courses is Moz’s SEO Training Course. It provides theoretical concepts more than actionable tips which are perfect for beginners. If you’re new to search engine optimization or SEO, this is a great online training course to start your learning journey.

Here are some facts about this SEO course:

  • Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz, created this free SEO course for beginners on Udemy.
  • It is a compilation Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday Videos that runs for 3.5 hours.
  • Almost 150,000 students were given certificates for completing the course.

2] Conversion Marketing Certification by Leadpages

If you like to master generating conversions, the Conversion Marketing Certification by Leadpages is highly recommended. This conversion marketing course has a total of eight video lessons, and each video lasts for 90 minutes.

Here are the details about the Conversion Marketing Certification:

  • The three packages include the standard, pro, and advanced.
  • You have to undergo an open-book test to get certified.
  • You’ll be officially recognized as a ‘Leadpages Certified Conversion Expert’ with your profile added to the Leadpages Certified Expert Directory on the website of Leadpages.

3] Google Analytics Certification

Learn from the best via Google online marketing courses.  Google Analytics Academy offers the  Google Analytics Certification so that you can become certified in Google Analytics. You can better assist and train other people in your organization to use Google Analytics for monitoring web traffic growth and development.

Check the following information about this certification:

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is the term used for the Google Analytics certification program taken by individuals.
  • The Google Analytics assessment is for 90 minutes with 70 questions, and the passing score is 80%. You’ll get the results within 48 hours.
  • Once you pass the assessment, Google Analytics Academy will give you your Google Analytics IQ certificate for ads.

4] Google Tag Manager Certification Program

This Google certificate course is free. If you want to make your tagging a lot easier, you can take up this course to lighten your work. Tags are a set of codes that collect data which are sent to third parties. Why are tags important? Tags are crucial in monitoring the performance of a site or a particular online marketing strategy.

Tags are used in various purposes which includes the following:

  • Form submission monitoring and surveying.
  • Tracking scroll to measure how far online users are scrolling a website, most especially for a high-volume content site.
  • Heat map generation which is important in conversion and lead generation.
  • Remarketing and tracking how online users or visitors arrive at your site.

5] Bing Ads Certification

If you or your organization is planning to start a Bing Ads campaign, taking the Bing Ads Certification will help you enhance your skills in Bing Ads.

Bing Ads Certification

Learn about Bing Ads reporting and the use of different Bing Ads tools too. Once you pass the assessment, you’ll enjoy membership benefits along with the Bing Ads certificate. By being a certified Bing Ads Expert, you are more credible to teach others to use Bing Ads tools and strategies with ease and confidence.

Here are the things you can expect from Bing Ads Certification:

  • The exam is free of charge, and you’ll need to answer up to 100 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes.
  • The passing score is 80% and above.
  • Accreditation expires after a year.
  • You can always retake the assessment if ever you don’t pass to get a certificate.


A successful digital marketer knows how to sustain success and remain competitive through continuous learning. It’s a good thing that online marketing courses are now available that won’t only increase your knowledge about different digital marketing specializations but also provide certificates and even add your profile to their expert directories. Establish your credibility and reputation as an expert online marketer by taking online courses regularly.

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