How Good Is Life at Christ University? Campus Life, Placements and More

Being concerned about life in a college is a normal fact of life for a student or a concerned parent. This article, therefore, discusses every aspect you need to know and be concerned about if you are considering admission into Christ University. If you aren’t though, reading this post might actually make you consider this university as a great and lucrative option. We have covered every major factor- from on-campus experience to placement opportunities.

Christ University, Bangalore Reviews

Christ University, Bengaluru

Christ University, formerly known as Christ College, is a now autonomous Institution. It is recognised by UGC and was reaccredited with an A+ by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for quality education in 2005. In 2008, Christ College was declared a Deemed to be University as ‘Christ University’ in 2008 under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956.

Christ University offers certificate, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in academic disciplines classified under the Schools of Law, Education, Sciences, Social Sciences & Languages, Commerce & Management and Engineering.

1) Campus Life

According to a few former students of the Christ University, the culture on campus is “one awesome thing”, which means the populace is very diverse. In your daily campus commutes, you will meet students from various parts of India and also students from outside of India.

Thus the opportunities for friendships are enormous, with the diversity adding brownie points. Owing to the geographical location of the college though, the chances of Malayalee students being present is the highest, although representation from other states is also impressive. You can learn a lot about the different cultures and also their languages or dialects.

Coming to the fun part, there are a lot of festivals organized by different department of Christ University, which adds flavor to the life experience there. Some of these include.

  • Darpan, an intra-collegiate cultural fest which usually takes place during the month of July.
  • Blossoms, an inter-deanery cultural fest which usually takes place during the month of February.
  • In-Bloom, an inter-collegiate cultural fest which usually takes place during the month of February.
  • Magnificent, the flagship event of Christ University Choir. It is the Christmas carol performed by the University Choir along with the performances of popular other church choirs and bands across the city. It usually happens in the last three working days before the university closes for the Christmas Vacation
  • Nritta, the University Dance Day organized by the Department of Performing Arts.
  • Bhasha Utsav, a multi-lingual and multi-cultural festival with the main features being Dollukunita, thunder dance and bayalata.

Apart from that, the university also has an online campus radio, set-up and run by the students, which is a mighty impressive feat.

According to a few other students, staying in the hostel lends itself a different experience. Many say that the City campus is of more fun. Some feel that Kengeri is much better, because the campus is so calm and environment is just great, while others express strong emotions for Bannerghatta Road campus.

Apart from all these things, studying in Christ is believed to be also fun. For a majority of the students, attendance in class was as if not more, important than self-studies, which are required for good grades. The University also has very strict guidelines about the 85% attendance which you can get only by attending. Formal Dress code also is must.

They have different canteens inside the campus where you get a variety of food items, although some would prefer to eat outside the campus too, in restaurants etc.

2) Infrastructure

The University claims to have a campus that is a zero-waste campus and recycles its wet waste and used paper. The University campus was also awarded ‘Best Institutional Buildings and Garden’ award by the Bangalore Urban Arts Commission for three consecutive years between 2000–2002. It also won the ‘Best Institutional Garden’ instituted by the Mysore Horticulture Society for twenty-four consecutive years including 2012.

Christ University also boasts of two libraries in the city campus: first, the main library and second, the ‘Knowledge Centre’ which is spread across the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth floors of the central block. University library stacks contained 2,20,589 books as of May 2015 (current number may have only increased), of which 31,703 are reference books. It also includes a good collection of law reports.

Main Library, otherwise known as the UG library consists of 60,339 titles whereas the Knowledge Centre consists of 46,628 titles. Kengeri Library owns around 19,000 titles which are mainly from the engineering and management streams. Library is also subscribed to around 219 national and international periodicals and 198 journals. Of those, 41 are international journals.

3) Faculty

Christ University prouds itself on its faculty members, a lot of whom have internationally published authors and professors, with decades of experience teaching alongside freshers right out of college.

Christ University Faculty

The former students of the University also point out the fact that the faculty members are really supportive and have a lot of industry experience, which is a great thing about them and the college. A lot of times, lack of compassion causes misses in mentoring. Hopefully, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Most of them are Ph. D. holders too, another fact that a lot of students seemed to mention.

The University also claims that usually, the faculty uses projectors and case studies to discuss the topics in the class, making it a fun and interactive experience. The student to faculty ratio is 15:1, which definitely should make the classes and other sessions a finer experience overall.

There is also a lot of industry exposure with the corporate interface being organized by the college.
Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology is great due to the fact that the course plan is deliberated upon by subject specialists before the beginning of every semester. 50% of the total marks come from an exam at the end of the Semester and 5% comes from your attendance.

The rest comes from 3 Continuous Internal Assessments (CIAs) amounting to 45% of your total marks throughout the semester; which include a class test, mid-semester exam and a research paper. Thus, bringing the total to 100%. In case you were wondering how to score well, here was the breakdown.

4) Hostels and Mess

There are three canteens available which have varieties of cuisine like south Indian, north Indian etc. The food ranges from good to mediocre, with some students preferring to have an outside campus meal every now and then.

The hostel rooms are really good but there are very strict rules. It must be quite clear now that the Christ University is very strict about discipline and rules.

5) Placement Structure

Following are the placement figures of Christ University of 2016-2017. Even a cursory glance reveals that the college has managed to maintain its grace, especially considering the gigantic student population there. Take your time analysing the figures and deciding for yourself.

Placement Statistics for Academic Year 2016 – 17.

  • Placed Percentage- 71.35%
  • UG & PG Total: 2028, Placed: 1447
  • UG 624/1009 (61.84%)
  • PG 823/1019 (80.76%)
  • Highest Package Offered- 14 Lacs
  • Average Package Offered- 12 Lacs

If you are a student who has decided to seek admission into Christ University, or if you are a parent, concerned for your child’s well-being in this college, we hope we were able to attend to some of the concerns. The article also incorporates the students’ opinions, so that the article comes as close as possible to an honest opinion.

The campus life, mess, the infrastructure, discipline and talented faculty- all seems great about this university. The cultural festivals make it a joy to live in. Last but definitely not the least, the placement figures claimed by Christ University are extremely impressive, especially for freshers.

Hope we could attend to your queries. Good luck! 🙂

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