7 Tips to Improve the Performance of Android Phone

Nowadays every Android user is having a common problem i.e slow performance of their devices and when they face this problem, peoples start asking

How to improve the performance of my Android device?

Improve the performance of Android phone
Improve the performance of Android phone

Why my Android phone is consistently hanging? What is solution of this problem?

Some peoples say that only uninstalling some apps may faster the performance of Android phones. Yes but is partially true. There are plenty of more stuffs which is slowing down the performance of Android.You need to dig deeper to know what are those stuffs which is eating the RAM of your Android phone.

In this post, I’m going to discuss what are those stuffs which is slowing down your Android devices and how you should fix it. Let’s get started.

#1 Avoid Live wallpapers

This is probably one of the first mistake every Android users does it in the beginning stage. When they see those beautiful wallpapers with live actions, they just install it without any second thoughts. After few days, their Android phones starts hanging and crashing continuously.

But they don’t know how to fix it. Remember that, these live wallpapers doesn’t only slow down your Android phone but they also consume heavy battery power. So try to avoid using live wallpapers as much as possible to reduce the RAM and battery Consumption.

#2 Update your Android

Many peoples ignore to install the latest update of Android in their devices. This is another mistake which is done by many users. You should install the latest update of Android whenever it is available.

By updating the Android, previous bug in the operating system will be fixed. After that, your device may get some free space and can use your device with more free space.

#3 Don’t install these apps

1. Battery saving apps

Most people think that installing some apps will increase their performance of their battery. It is wrong. You shouldn’t install some extra apps to save your battery. These apps will consume more battery power rather than saving your battery. Just try to stay away from those apps if you want to increase the performance of your Android.

2. RAM Booster apps

RAM boosters or Task killer apps are another type of apps you should stay away if you want to maintain the performance speed of Android. MakeUseOf had written a detailed article why these apps are bad for your Android devices.

3. Antivirus virus apps

After being a PC user, everyone think that they should install any Antivirus app for their Android phones to protect themselves from any viruses.Well the honest answer in no operating system is completely safe but Google has enough security systems to protect ourselves from viruses.

You should read this guide to get an idea about Antivirus apps in Android. But it is recommended to stay from these apps.

#4 Avoid numerous VOIP Apps

One of the most important benefits of using Android is it offers VOIP apps to connect with the world. You can save both time and money using free calling apps in Android.

There are lots of apps available to make free calls in Android but you should not use numerous VOIP apps in a single device. Just select any 1 or 2 apps and use it. Using multiple VOIP apps may slow down the device’s performance.

#5 Disable unwanted apps

There are few apps in Android which we use very rarely. You should disable those apps to improve the performance of your Android device. Disabling the app means that it will not shown in device Menu and won’t start functioning after the booting. You have to re-enable the app in the settings to use those apps again.

#6 Disable the animation

Sometimes animations may slow down the device’s performance. Disabling the animations in these situations is a good idea. Just go “About Phone” in device’s settings and click on “Build Number” 7 times to enable the developer options.

After that go to Developer Options and click on Window animation scale.Now turn off the Window animation scale.

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Final words:

These are some of the best tips to improve the performance of an Android device. If you follow the above steps, you may see the improvements in your Android device. If you think we have missed any tips which may improve the device’s performance, feel free to comment below. Thanks. 😀

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  1. Yeah one of the myth is that using battery savers and ram booster increases battery life. But as you said we shouldn’t use it. There was a lot to learn from here. Thank You!

  2. I don’t why people suggest battery saver apps when it comes to increases battery life. I love your guide. Thanks, buddy.

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