Importance of Responsive Websites for Your Business

It is a well known fact that a website which has a responsive web design is able to adapt to the screen easily and allows users to navigate conveniently through different devices.

The website automatically reformats to give the user a better experience and is well suited to their device. It has multiple benefits to your business and is the best way going forward.

Responsive web design

About 90% of the users turn to their smartphones to look for products and services. The penetration of internet across the length and breadth of the world has impacted how people use their mobile devices.

There is a surge in the subscriptions for 4G and everyone with a smartphone uses internet to look for products.

Individuals have been spending double the time online as compared to the decade. Mobile web usage has taken over the desktop for the first time and this shows that more and more consumers prefer to browse on their smartphones and tablets instead of a personal computer or a laptop.

Consumers use mobiles to shop online, to remain active on social media and to carry out online banking. Consumers of every age use smartphones to shop and search for products and services.

For these reasons, it is essential to have a responsive website so that you can provide a seamless experience to the users.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is the one that works perfectly well on a smartphone as well as other mobile device screens and also on a tablet. Google had introduced recommendations related to website design and it rewarded those sites which were fully optimized for mobile platforms.

It also uses mobile friendliness as a sign which ranks the website higher on the search engine results. Most businesses have taken note of this and have achieved success through a responsive website.

Google has also introduced mobile first indexing strategies. This is a form of indexing which ranks the business from the mobile version as compared to the desktop version. If you have a responsive website, you need not worry. However, if you have not made the big shift yet, it is time for you to do so.

“Mark Friedman, founder of Goshly says that good websites design doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. With top website builders anyone can have an amazing looking site.”

Responsive Websites for Your Business

Benefits of responsive websites

  • The biggest advantage of a responsive website is that the content and all the pages within are flexible across different screen resolutions and devices. The users will have the same experience of viewing your website on a laptop or a smartphone. It will become easy to navigate even though there will be different screen sizes. In order to provide an optimum experience to the users, it is important to ensure that they can read and navigate through the site with ease.
  • A responsive website will enhance your user experience and will ensure that the users enjoy navigating your website. When a consumer can access the website easily across different platforms, they will return to your website for more business and your conversion rate will increase. Since maximum traffic for every business comes from the mobile devices, it is important to consider the same into your website. You cannot overlook the importance of a mobile device for your business. It will also help you enjoy a higher page rank on the Google search engine.
  • Those websites which are responsive are easy to load and boosts the page ranking. You can reach out to a wider audience through the website design. With a mobile friendly website, maintenance is not a big question. You only have one website to look after and it is less expensive to maintain. You only need to concentrate on one website and invest in the same to provide a seamless experience to the users.
  • Consumers do not have the patience to wait for a page to load. They tend to close the browser if it takes more than a couple of minutes for the website to load. When browsing through the mobile phone, a responsive website design will not take too long to load and will make it easier for the users to navigate across different pages. In order to gain higher traffic and to satisfy the customers, you need to build a responsive website that is easy to use across different mediums. It does not need a lot of investment nor does it require a lot of efforts in maintenance.

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