Hosting Raja Review: Affordable Indian Web Hosting Company

When you are creating a website by using Images, videos, and so important content for the public, then you need to make it public actually by hosting all the files on a server online. This will allow public to visit your website. The storing your website online called hosting a website and who allow you to host is call web Host Company.

There are many companies available in the marketing which are offering affordable web hosting company but it becomes very hard to choose one best from all of them. So to make it easy for you, I am writing a review for the best website hosting company in India. It is well known as Hosting Raja.

A little about Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja
Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja is a well-known company for hosting website, based in Bangalore. It founded as a web development company in 2005 and from that day it is growing day by day never looked back.

According to Hosting Raja, they have more than 10000 active hosting account this time. The main thing behind the success of hosting raja is its quality of services and 24*7 hours customer support services in their regional languages.
I think, this is enough to describe about Hosting Raja. And if you want to know more about this company, you can visit its official website

Pricing and Packages

When you are going to get a hosting or any services from any company, you firstly check the pricing and plans. And if you find them fit according to your budget, you buy it. So by keeping affordability in their mind, Hosting Raja design its hosting Packages and its plans. You can say that it’s not a cheap hosting but it’s an affordable hosting that will fulfil your requirement with 99.9% uptime and with perfect loading and server response time.

Have a look on the plans and pricings. Its plans started from Rs 69 per month.

You can get a free domain with each and every hosting package you will buy. So don’t waste your time and make your online empire.

Hosting Raja Price
Hosting Raja Price
Hosting Raja Packages
Hosting Raja Packages

Freebies you will get

Who the hell don’t want to get free gifts? I don’t think there is anybody who don’t want freebies. If you don’t want, please mail me them. 😛 yes, Hosting Raja, offering your free gifts when you are purchasing any one package of hosting from the above mentioned plans. Here is a list of freebies you will get.

  • FREE web site builder tool
  • FREE Parked domain
  • FREE Add-on Domain
  • FREE Control Panel
  • FREE Installation
  • FREE Setup of the Popular CMS etc…

Why you should go with Hosting Raja?

There are numerous reasons that’s why you should choose your web host, Hosting Raja. Don’t worry, I will give you’re the valid reason for my statement. I am not forcing you to buy hosting raja but when you are choosing a best hosting service, please have a look on below mentioned features of the hosting provider. If you find that someone is offering more than Hosting Raja, you should go with them. But, I am sure, there will not be anyone.


Hosting Raja leads the market and well known for their Reliable and promising web hosting services. This promise of reliability is possible because of latest technologies they use, continuous innovation, round the clock servers are monitoring and maintenance and their highly experienced team of professionals. These all facts make them unique and reliable.

Maximum Uptime

There are many companies which are committing that they are providing 99.9% uptime what they did not have any guarantee that it will be actual 99.9%. I used a lot of hosting services for my website. I faced uptime problem everywhere. But Hosting Raja guaranteed the 99.9% uptime and I am very happy with them. I never faced any uptime issue with Hosting Raja. I will also recommend you this as well.

Round the Clock Customer Support

According to me, a perfect hosting company is that provide the best customer support services. There are a lot of companies which are offering customer services but their customers are not satisfied with them. Behind this, there may be some reasons like they are not technically sound or anything else. But when it comes to Hosting Raja. They have a well-qualified technical team who are dedicated to solve problems on the call. The main attractive thing of their customer support is that they are providing customer support in their regional language. They support more than 15 languages.

Earn By Selling Hosting

Yes, you can sell their hosting and setup your own hosting business. They are offering a best reseller hosting plans and services from where you can earn a good amount. You can sell their hosting and website builder. Its Reseller plan 525Rs per month. Have a look on the below shared plans.

Earn By Selling Hosting
Earn By Selling Hosting

Offer Multiple Hosting Options

Yes, it’s a great feature that Hosting Raja offers you. There are companies which are offering Hosting with a limited options like only windows hosting, linux hosting, wordpress hosting or one or two more. But Hosting Raja design its hosting option according to you requirements. Like if you required hosting for setup your ecommerce portal, you can choose, ecommerce hosting package, or if you need to setup your website with Joomla, or magento, you can chose Joomla Hosting or Magento Hosting and there are many other options like this. You can go with them according to your requirements.

Wrapping Up…

This company provides good and better startups for people at very reasonable price. Since it is a government approved company, all domains purchased in Hosting Raja are legitimate and should be used in legitimate purpose only.Hosting Raja was even awarded as ‘best reseller hosting’ award in 2010 and ‘top pick web hosts’ award in 2012.

Thus Hosting Raja is a flawless Indian company with millions of trusted customers.

Choosing an Affordable Web Hosting Service

So now, what you are thinking. Just pick your domain and hosting and build your online empire. All the best.

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