Step-By-Step Guide to Install Over-the-Range Microwave

Over the range, the microwave is something that has been around for a while, and you might already have seen it is different houses. But it does not mean that you have any idea how to install it. Until and unless, you are a professional who does the fitting for a living, you must not have any idea how to install it.

Installing an Over-the-Range Microwave

But do not worry, it does not take any extra skill to install it. Installing over the range microwave can cost you some extra charges unless the installation is part of the purchase price of your microwave, you can install it easily enough with common tools and an extra set of hands.

Best over the range microwave, are easier to install and use. It might seem scary at first to install it but is definitely a simple job.

Here is the step by step guide to install over the range microwave:

1] Installing the vent

It is one of the most basic steps, yet the most important one. Whatever way you are choosing, the style, size etc.

Everything will depend on your choice and the way you arrange things in your kitchen. Things might become easier for you if there is a venting route already installed in the kitchen.

If you have got to install the vent from the scratch, firstly you will have to decide on the type of vent. If you are installing the microwave on the exterior wall, then it is better to use the wall vent.

Roof vents are easier use. For installing microwave on the roof, roof vents will be used. An exhaust adapter has to be installed, normally people use the existing vent route, but it is necessary to get the connection right.

2] Installing the studs

As you are installing over the range microwave, it is necessary to get the studs in the right location. All the weight of the oven is going to be on these studs. I case of little ignorance; the microwave can fall. Try using the stud finder to mark the location on the wall.

There are many tutorials available all over the internet that will help you in using the stud finder, even if you do not have a stud finder, you can use tape and other stuff to mark the exact location, both on the wall and over the cabinet.

3] Drilling

Another important reason, why you need to get the position right is that you have got to make the holes by using a drill machine. If you mark the wrong positions, you are going to make big holes in the wrong place.

When you start drilling make sure that you have got the right size of the drill. Use the drill bit size indicated to drill the mounting holes in the cabinet where the template indicates.

4] Installing the mounting bracket

Mounting bracket is the support system of the oven, you need to get it right. It is better to use a wall template, as you cannot guess the height at which bracket needs to be installed, on your own. Once you have marked the height. Use the stud marking to mark the exact location where the screws are going to be installed.

Make sure that the markings are right on point and straight.  Get the drill machine and install the mounting bracket, apply some pressure on it when you think it is completely installed to double check.

5] Place the microwave

Place the microwave

Pull all the electric cables aside, so that you can easily place the microwave and then make all the connections. Get help from another person, so that they can hold on to the microwave while you make the connections. Position the microwave and then push it back.

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