Everything You Need To Know About Injection Molding

If you are here to learn what injection molding is and what it does, then this is the right place for you. Today we are going to explain all the important details that one must know regarding injection molding, so if you want that kind of knowledge, just stick with us till the end and see what’s it all about.

Injection Molding

First of all, you should know that injection molding is a manufacturing process that serves the purpose of manufacturing goods that are huge by injecting liquid in them.

It’s not just some liquid that’s injected in these products in fact, most of the time, thermoplastic polymers are used, and in some cases, even glass and metal are injected. It just all depends on the requirement and the type of product that’s being manufactured.

The process starts by heating small pellets of the material that is to be injected. The material is converted into liquid form, and then this hot liquid is injected in the mold that’s prepared already, which has an internal negative cavity to whatever is being injected inside. The liquid is then cooled inside, and the molded part is then removed with the help of ejector pins.

Four Stroke Cycle

All of this injection molding process is done in four steps. First of all, as said earlier, the molded cavity is filled with the liquid material.

The material is rapidly cooled down so that it turns hard in the form of a solid. The next step is where the mold cavity is opened so that it’s exposed to air, and it falls down. It’s then removed with the help of ejected pins.

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What’s The Purpose Of Injection Molding?

Injection molding is used for several different purposes. Some of them are.

With this process, you can produce mass parts. It is basically used for higher rates of production.

If there are highly detailed parts that are to be produced where the design is delicate and needs to be done with proper concentration, injection molding comes in handy.

Yes, you’d need a proper engineer for the design, and once you are sure that the design is in accordance with your requirements, that’s when the product gets ready with the help of injection molding. Through this process, the parts always come out quite unique and fine as all the details are taken notice of, and the finish is where most of the focus lies.

If you want to inject two kinds of materials in the same product, it can be done, and this process is known as co-injection molding. The best part about this process is that the little waste that’s created, it can again be used to create some other product, so there’s not much loss of cost and material here.

Advancement In Injection Molding

Technology is taking over the world for good because manufacturing processes like injection molding are also advancing and changing now. There are three more types of this process that are added recently.

  • Micro Molding: It’s used for the production of precise and small parts.
  • The incorporation of RFID tags is included in product manufacturing now.
  • Printed Injection Mold tool is now available for easier outcomes.


This is all the basic information that you should know about injection molding. We hope it’s of use to you and that now it will be easier for you to tell if you want the services of an injection molding company or not.

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