2 Methods of Converting a Word Document (.DOC or .DOCX) To a PDF Format

There are several reasons why you would want to convert a Word document to a PDF document. Sometimes, it is the only universal format that you can use to share documents that everyone will be able to access, regardless of the word-processor or operating system that will be used.

Convert Word to PDF (Methods)

Converting a Word Document To a PDF Format
Converting a Word Document To a PDF Format

If, for example, you need to share a resume, an academic paper, a book report or maybe even a financial document that you want to be viewed in exactly the same formatting that you intended it to be in, then the PDF format is the best option to maintain all the formatting as it should be.

Below are 2 methods to convert a Microsoft Word document into a PDF document. The same procedure can, more or less, also be used to convert the other Microsoft office formats, that is, Excel and PowerPoint documents, into PDF format.

1) Using Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013

  • Open the Microsoft Word document that you want to convert to a PDF document using Office Word 2010.
  • Click on the F12 button on your keyboard or click on the ‘File’ tab and select ‘Save As’.
  • When the ‘Save As’ dialog box opens, go to the ‘File Types’ field and choose ‘create PDF or XPS document’.
  • If you are using Word 2013, you can easily get here by choosing the menu as shown FILE > EXPORT > CREATE ADOBE PDF
  • Click ‘Create a PDF/XPS’.
  • When the dialog box appears, navigate to the location where you would like to save the document and ensure that you have an appropriate file name.
  • Click ‘Publish’, and depending on the size of your original Word document and the capability of the computer you are using to do the conversion, a little processing time will be necessary before the document converts fully and opens up as a PDF document.
  • You can monitor the conversion process thorough a loading bar that will appear.
  • If you are using Microsoft Word 2007, the procedure is pretty much the same. In the file ‘Save As’ drop down, look for save as PDF or XPS.

2) Use a PDF converting website

  • Open up your favorite web browser and make a search for ‘free conversion to PDF’. Some websites may request for a payment for the conversion service, but only do so if it is as a donation and you just want to help. Otherwise, the conversion should be free.
  • When you open the free conversion to PDF website (for example: https://docs.zone), you should be able to easily find a convert Word document to PDF tab or find a ‘Select files…’ button to allow you to navigate to the Word document on your computer that you wish to convert.
  • You will also be asked to provide an email address where the converted Word document will be sent to in PDF form.
  • Click the convert button once you have provided your email address and voila! All you have to do is wait for an email with your converted PDF document.

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