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So you have finished creating that killer music that you’re sure everyone will love. You hit the upload button and wait for the followers to pour into your channel for that music masterpiece.

But no one came. All you heard were the sounds of crickets on your backyard. Of course, your sister said that she visited your site and heard the music. She was instantly a fan and she said that it was so awesome.

Buy Soundcloud Plays

However, you notice that she is your one and only supporter.

All music artists are missing a critical piece of information when it comes to Soundcloud: The marketing part. For more information about the marketing part, click this link here.

It doesn’t matter if you created the next music that is greater than Beethoven or Maroon 5. The point is your channel and your website will still be a ghost town if you are not actively promoting it. The most amazing songs in the world will be useless if no one hears them. In order to get ahead fast, you can buy Soundcloud plays.

Pros of Buying Plays

  • This is a great way to kick start a great soundtrack. Instead of starting to promote from zero plays and shares, you can start from a hundred. Some services can even offer you a thousand plays in just a few days. This can make things easier and can quickly put your music into gear.
  • You can easily strengthen your social credibility with a little help of boosting. People love songs which are popular. The more people you will attract to your songs, the more it gets listened to.
  • Get a lot of attention. This is not just attention from people who just want to chill. This is the kind of attention that gets your music discovered by recording labels, companies, the media, and other agents.
  • Make your songs go viral. If you have a great music, a great voice, and the kind of track that people want to listen to every minute of the day, a boost will be able to jumpstart your career quickly.

Plays for Soundcloud

  • You can encourage more engagement on Soundcloud. When people see that you have many subscribers, they will also want to join the hype. You can create a sound and get the right people talking about it. Many likes and great comments put your music into the spotlight effortlessly.

Beware of Scams

Buying comments, likes, plays, and shares are common nowadays. Although this is not an approved practice, it is not illegal at all. Many companies won’t engage in an illegal business.

On the other hand, there are a lot of companies that won’t be able to guarantee the results that they have promised. These companies can be potential scammers. You can know more about scam’s definition here:

Look for companies with great experience and great customer reviews. You can also seek help from friends, families, or acquaintances that have already gotten the service of these boosting companies for a more legit feedback.

It is also important to note that you have to do the work as well. You won’t be sure that your targeted audience hears your song. You have to promote the song whenever you can and get organic feedback whenever possible. You can keep everything low key, improve your music, and get the exposure that you need.

Buying plays is not for everyone. However, if you want to get a great leverage, then this is a great way where you can promote your music and make your voice heard.

Make sure to avoid shady websites and unreliable people. Choose a reputable company with plenty of experience. You can also ask that particular company if they support other platforms like Youtube or Spotify.


Every minute of the day, millions of artists are uploading their songs on Soundcloud and other music platforms. They are doing this in hopes of getting discovered.

Each artist can upload more than one song. What you need to get ahead is a following that can boost your online reputation. You alone can do the necessary steps you think that will help your music career in the long run.

For more information, you can always do your own research or ask the right company on how to boost your Soundcloud plays.

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