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When you’re in college, there are tons of topics of debate that you’ll discuss. One of them that seems to find its way into many lecture halls is the debate about homework.

"Homework" in College

Homework is something that both children and college students alike have to do with, and there are countless views on the issue. Some people are proponents of it while others are against it.

1] The Homework Debate

There has been so much discussion and debate about the homework issue that countless books about homework have been written. Whether your college class requires you to buy textbooks on this issue or not, it’s always a good idea to have one.

You’ll undoubtedly be taking a college course one day wherein you’ll be allowed to write an essay on a topic of your choice, and this is one that you can’t go wrong on.

It always makes for an interesting essay or debate, and there are tons of textbooks on the subject out there to assist you in backing up your claims, assertions and conclusions.

2] Proponents for Homework

There are many textbooks out there in favor of homework. After all, homework is one of the key learning tools. It’s been assigned to students for centuries. It allows them to practice the lessons that they were taught during the day on their own. Countless studies have proven the effectiveness of practicing learned skills.

There’s a reason that the phrase, “practice makes perfect” was coined. Practicing a skill helps you to master it and reinforces learning. This is the primary argument that proponents for homework focus on in their books.

3] Opponents of Homework

Of course, you can also buy textbooks written by people who are opponents of homework. First of all, it’s necessary to distinguish between the two groups on this side. There are some people who argue that there should be no homework whatsoever.

These people usually propose that students be allowed to learn everything naturally on their own. Then there are those who are opponents of too much homework.

These people acknowledge the documented benefits of homework. Rather, they have a problem with the immense amount of homework that is oftentimes heaped on students nowadays.

Homework has been the norm for students throughout the years, but it more modern times, it seems like teachers are heaping homework on students in greater volumes than ever before, which leads to many concerns among those of this second group.


4] Not Enough Leisure Time

While there is such a thing as too much idle time, there is also such a thing as not enough. Countless studies have shown that people who have a modest amount of leisure time at their disposal tend to be happier individuals overall. Thus, they tend to perform better at work and school.

The same thing goes for students. Students who are oftentimes over-padded down with homework usually exhibit more stress than students who aren’t. As a result, this could actually inhibit the learning process rather than teaching them more.

5] A Happy Medium

Is there a happy medium place where homework and leisure time can coincide? This is what some textbook authors hope to explore in their books. While homework can indeed be a useful learning tool, it shouldn’t necessarily take up every moment of a student’s life.

If students have to spend every moment from the time they get out of class doing homework and barely taking time to eat, then their stress loads and exhaustion levels will be higher than those students who don’t spend as long on homework.

Some professionals advocate that students should only have to spend a couple to four hours per night on homework, depending on their age.

6] What Do You Think?

Before you can aptly draw a conclusion on this topic, research is needed. That’s where textbooks, articles and other types of written ideas come into play.

You can find many texts on the homework debate issue, and you can cite these in your own thoughts and presentations. Reading other people’s books on this issue can help you come to your own conclusions and further your own critical thinking.

Whether you’re in college or not, books about homework are definitely interesting reads that can prompt discussion.

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