4 Blockchain Startups to Keep Your Eye On

Blockchain has taken the world by storm because of its potential to provide unmatchable performance and transparency to almost all businesses in the world, particularly the Fintech industry.

When bitcoin was developed, nobody thought that it could become such a success that it will disrupt the entire conventional money industry, being valued around $8K right now, bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Startups

Almost 12 thousand bitcoin transactions are conducted every hour. This means that almost 99,000 BTC are transacted each hour which translates into 1,492,424,505 USD per hour being transacted.

Bitcoin has the most solid backend system ever, Bitcoin introduced blockchain, and now blockchain use cases are itself being explored because of its potential.

Blockchain data can never be hacked, and the transaction records are going to stay on Blockchain for eternity. The transparency that came with blockchain is unique. No financial system in the world provides transparency as Blockchain does.

Other than the Fintech industry, Blockchain use cases are being explored for procurement, purchasing, and tracking of items. The use cases being so enormous, Blockchain startups all over the world are all set to provide the users with vast benefits of blockchain.

Here are few startups to keep your eye on this year.

1] MEvU

It is a P2P decentralized network, powered to provide people the chance to wager on anyone, anything at any given time. This platform is highly unique and the use case is quite interesting as well because it helps in creating more reliability in the gambling industry, eliminating all the unnecessary associated costs and intermediaries.

The network is quite flexible as well, people are in control seat as they can control all the odds as well as the activity. The process is made smooth with smart contracts, ensuring that all wager is fair and secure. The company has successfully raised the money in a private sale and is all set to launch its platform for users.

2] Ark

Altcoin is one of the well-liked cryptocurrencies. There are some levels of instability on a daily basis, and you may win a fortune overnight but there are odds of losing the money as well because the currency may go down and it still comes up.

However, the main goal is a cryptocurrency that has the potential to become the next Ether or Bitcoin. Ark is one of a kind, all in one blockchain solution that is available to any startups, developers, and users.

Ark is using the Smartbridge system, which offers ease and power uniquely. It is a reliable and first one of a kind ecosystem that is used in the European Union and is incorporated in France.

3] VeChain

VeChain provides you complete solution of ICO platform, tokenization, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. The technology behind is the same as Ethereum, only that VeChain has taken out the best parts of Ethereum and tweaked it into the smart and intelligent fully automated platform.

VeChain has solved the most talked about the scalability issues that Ethereum is facing in its mass adoption. You can use VeChain platform for any or uncountable number of users, VeChain can support all of your users.

4] Bitnautic

It is an Ethereum based platform that solves all the problems in the supply and demand of the shipping industry. There are many intermediaries that come in between supply and demand of the shipping industry.

The beta version of the platform is live, and ICO was conducted in 2017, winning it all the way to hard cap in public ICO, this blockchain platform is going to connect consumers and providers directly without worrying about any intermediaries.

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