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Wrike is the new business workspace that makes work so much easier. It provides a platform for Project Management software and gives you Project Management Tools that can help you organize everything from simple to-do lists to complex programs. Wrike can be your next best business tool, saving you from excessive and time-wasting meetings. You can share your documents here, collaborate and discuss all your work in one unified place.

Wrike - Online Project Management Software

You can easily keep track of all projects going on at in your work place even when you are physically away. With the help of Wrike’s project management tools, you can monitor the project’s progress. This combined set of tools for online collaboration in your business is exactly how Wrike can make a difference. Experience the next generation business workspace with Wrike.

Solutions that Wrike offers


Wrike provides you with marketing management support. It increases your real-time visibility by providing you access to all the campaigns your team is running. All the analysis of the work can be done with the help of built-in project management tools. How your campaigns perform can be captured in reports that are managed by a few simple clicks. The software allows you to easily communicate with your team members right within individual tasks so that all discussions live in the same place as the work instead of in long, confusing email threads.

Marketing agencies:

Marketing agencies traditionally involve a lot of paperwork while trying to manage a lot of chaos. Wrike’s online project management software helps you consolidate all your documentation into one workspace so that efficiency increases. With enhanced efficiency you can deliver results to clients at a faster velocity. Wrike even allows you to take your relationship with clients to an entirely new level. Being able to add clients as collaborators within Wrike means they can monitor and approve all progress on their projects. And these collaborator seats are always free no matter what Wrike plan you’re on. Adding clients as collaborators increases transparency and feedback becomes easier and faster.

Product development:

Product Development
Product Development

Wrike is also used within product development organizations. It makes planning simple, and allows you to streamline your own unique workflows. Managing the work log and creating burn down charts is so much easier, giving you a chance to check on progress without requiring a meeting. And because Wrike is a gantt chart generator, you can visualize all the individual tasks that make up the project, helping you head off problems when they appear.

Project managers:

Just as the physical work space can be conducive to getting things done if well-managed, Wrike brings that same principle into the virtual workspace. Imagine never having to look for a file in long threads of emails. Or not having to search for keywords in a long Skype chat. With Wrike, you can have all your files and work discussions archived in one place which makes accessing them easier and the business process smoother.

Team leaders:

Team Leaders
Team Leaders

With Wrike, every individual has a chance to be heard. You can always voice your opinions on tasks that are shared with you. You are always part of the conversation. This connects all stakeholders and allows for cross-department collaboration. Teamwork becomes progressive and there is less room for errors.

Success Stories

Hootsuite is a social media platform that is used to manage social media channels and has 10 million customers across the globe. When they looked at becoming a Wrike customer, they wanted to help smoothen the marketing process and make it more efficient in helping unite team members who were spread out across the globe. With Wrike, their work became simpler and more collaborative.

There are many more success stories from companies such as Procurify, Simple Relevance, and iThinkMedia among many others that have used Wrike to increase their work efficiency.

Prices of Wrike plans:

Wrike has three basic plans which organizations can choose from: Free, Professional and Enterprise. Free is for a business venture comprising of 5 people or less and is perfect for small business management and comes with a storage space of 2 GB. Then there’s the Professional plan for organisations with 5 to 15 people, and which comes with a storage space of 5 GB. The Enterprise plan is for large organisations with more than 15 people and it comes with a storage space of 100 GB.

Wrike features:

Wrike allows you to create your own tasks and manage projects using various built-in tools. Wrike keeps you engaged with your team as well as helps you monitor the progress of your tasks. Take a tour into the world of organised business management tools and software.

Deep insights into Wrike features:

Apart from a brilliant workspace, Wrike integrates with a host of different online tools. The email addins allow you to create tasks or reply to feedback on Wrike tasks without leaving your  Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail inboxes. Then you can also attach files from various file storage providers such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box. If you need more integrations, Wrike can be used in tandem with Zapier, which provides integrations with a host of most every work tool available. Learn more about Wrike and the features that can enhance your business with our help forum.

Review of Wrike’s Enterprise Version:

Managing your enterprise’s projects becomes simpler with Wrike. The Enterprise version provides you with additional analytics tools and various strategic planning tools. Not to mention, you get customizable workflows and custom statuses that allow your team to manage workflows the way you need it to be. Wrike helps you to serve clients better. Some of the companies that rely on enterprise project management include PayPal, Ecco, Hootsuite, Amazon, and many more.

Wrike’s Resources on Project Management:

Write has an excellent ebook library with several freely downloadable ebooks on project management strategies and business management tools and software. Learn more about the management process and business strategies. Not to mention, they also have a comprehensive beginner’s guide to project management called the Project Management Guide for Beginners. Wrike also provides a wealth of business and collaboration tips on its Outcollaborate blog. You can get a lot of tips on productivity, work efficiency, and management.

Wrike Mobile Apps for Android and iOS:

Above all, Wrike can be accessed using its free mobile applications. The mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Wrike also has an extension for the Google Chrome browser that provides you with an easy way to turn any webpage into a Wrike task.

Wrike’s YouTube channel:

Finally, visit Wrike’s YouTube channel to learn about Wrike’s features as well as various aspects of business leadership and project management. Take your business at another level.  🙂

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