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Wixstores is one of the best places where you can create your own online store. It provides the ability to build a high quality website. It is a platform where a business person can reach his or her goals easily. In comparison to other platforms,Wix.com is the best. because of its easy sign up where you can easily sign up and start your work. There are no additional conditions or terms, which could potentially affect the business. It also offers a mobile friendly version of your online store, which is extremely important since most of today’s traffic comes mainly from mobile devices. Nowadays you must be available to your customer via any device. Using this online tool you can create your online store any way you’d like.

Create Your Own Online Stores


General Overview

To make your online store creation fast and easy, Wix.com consists of number of tools to help you along the way. With this eCommerce website builder, you can take care of your entire store’s needs like adding images, products, different collections, setting up payment options, prices,and managing orders.It also gives you lot of information in order to solve your problems. In case you require help simply go to the online support offered by the Wix.com Help Center.

Wix Store Features

At WixStores, users need not worry, because this eCommerce website builder offers some of the best features. The features are very favorable to exhibit and show off your products. The product gallery is there in order to show your store’s product images. You can then add product images and description to each product, or include coupons.

Via the WixStores Store Manager, you will also keep a record of your store’s orders. Once an order is made through your online store, you’ll see it in the WixStores store manager under the “orders” tab. It’s easy to then keep track of the status of what products have been sold or not, via buttons such as, paid/not paid and fulfilled/not fulfilled.
You can access the WixStores store manager by clicking on the last icon in the HTML5 Drag ‘N Drop editor, and clicking on the first button, “Manage Store”.


App market

The app market makes WixStores stand out from other online store builders. This app market provides the users advanced sales business and social networking tools, which will be helpful in building a very high quality website for making your work very easier. Basically, what a user can do is add even more functionality to their site, by adding on different apps to their store. For example, if they wanted to add gift cards, or if you wanted to add a price table to your store, you would simply need to add the appropriate app through the app market.


Wix.com is a place where without paying anything you can sign in to the platform directly, since Wix.com is available free of cost. However, Wix.com does offer premium services, and with that you can choose from different types of plans. Following are the different premium plans.

WixStores Pricing
WixStores Pricing

Keep in mind that the only packages, which include WixStores are the VIP and eCommerce plans. Of course, you can select between yearly or monthly packages.

Wrapping words

WixStores is very easy process. All you need to do is just sign-up and select category, next to that select a template that is suitable and start creating with in very less time you can create your eCommerce website. Additionally services such as domain search and registration are also offered by Wix.com like domain, which enables you to purchase a domain directly from Wix.com for your website. You should simply go to the wix dashboard in the top. I hope you got all the information. If you are planning to create an eCommerce website,then WixStores is the way to go.

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  1. Nowadays there are many online tools available to create ecommerce stores easily..No coding knowledge required to create such stores .. Uniecommerce is also such software which is easy to use and create your own ecommerce store at ease

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