5 Winning SEO Techniques that Work Wonders for Your Website

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It is a tactic that allows you to build web pages that rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

If your web pages rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, you will be able to drive more traffic on your website. Several techniques are being used to boost SEO for a website nowadays. They can either be On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO.

Effective SEO Techniques

On-Page SEO implies the practices like page titles, internal linking, meta tags, and descriptions that you employ on your website whereas Off-Page SEO includes guest blogging, social networking, and content marketing.

Here are top 5 powerful SEO techniques that can work wonders for your website.

#1. Add internal links

Many marketers harbor the misconception that internal links add no value to the website when compared to outbound links. Links to other authorized websites are important when it comes to building brand credibility for the readers, but it is equally important to have internal links that direct the users to your existing content.

This will encourage your visitors to stay on your website for a longer duration and decrease bounce rate of your pages. Consequently, your website will get crawled appropriately and the search engines will be able to go through every page.

Build a blog with relevant content links so that it will increase the overall traffic on your website and improve your website visibility.

#2. Include image SEO

Images are a must to create a visual appeal for your website. It also helps in breaking the content into smaller digestible chunks. Apart from adding images on your web pages and blog, you should also carry out the SEO for the images.

Add Alt Text and description for all the images so that it becomes easy for the search engines, especially Google Images to understand its purpose.

#3. Break your content into sections

Whenever you write website content, it is of utmost importance to include tags like H1, H2, H3, and H4 for better SEO. It will make the sections more readable for your prospects or customers, and crawlers will be able to make the differentiation between valuable content. Do not create walls of long content that will overwhelm your readers.

Pro-tip: Long-form content of more than 1000+ words that includes blogs and infographics is preferred by Google rather than short content.

#4. Use relevant keywords

As important as it is to have crisp content, keywords are equally important. Add relevant keywords in your content so that search engines can understand what it is all about.

However, in the quest to get your website ranked higher in the search engines, do not stuff too many keywords just for the sake of search engine robots.

Write informative content that adds value to the customer rather than writing for search engines. A good keyword density is around 2-5%.

Keyword Relevancy and Popularity Ranking

Pro-tip: Never forget to include the keywords in your SEO title and meta description as it will be used when your page will be displayed in the search results.

# 5. Install SSL Certificate

Recently, Google announced that SSL certificate helps to improve keyword ranking. SSL Certificate is an indispensable part of your website as it helps to maintain the security of the business information as well as the user details.

In case your website is still running on HTTP, it is high time you switch to HTTPS and get the information transmitted between the server and the browser encrypted. You will see a lesser cart abandonment rate as your customers will be able to trust you with their personal information.

There are many types of SSL certificates available in market. For example, the website owners who have multiple subdomains on their website, Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate from SSL2BUY is best because it secure all the subdomains and main domain through a single certificate.

Wrapping Up

Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic industry which means that tactics working today may not work tomorrow. SEO is not possible by implementing one or two tactics according to your convenience. It is about improving your website traffic by combining all these strategies and making concrete efforts in the right direction.

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