Features of Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows recently launched its latest Windows 10 anniversary update. The major update is available for free for all Windows users. The latest update adds a variety of features to the OS. If you don’t have the latest OS yet, then you can manually update from Microsoft’s support page or check for the updates in Windows 10’s Settings> Update & Security. This article will give a brief of all the new features of this Windows 10 anniversary update.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Features

Windows 10 anniversary update


The biggest update in Windows 10 inarguably is the Cortana. Windows 10 will integrate Cortana application on Windows and Android phones. Microsoft has given a whole new look to the Cortana and has expanded its boundaries of the tasks it can perform.

Also known as the powerful assistant of Microsoft, the Cortana comes with a Windows 10 lock screen so that you can invoke her anytime for any task. It can push data to and from your mobile like messages, notifications etc.

Cortana can also make some proactive suggestions for you making you task simpler. It will do some tasks like adding important reminders to your calendar. It will also inform you if you have events or appointments that are overlapping in your calendar and will ask you to reschedule them. This update has made Cortana very resourceful from user point of view.

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Windows Ink

One of the best parts of the Windows 10 Anniversary update is the Windows Ink feature. The new Windows 10 update packs a new and improved ink that eases out a lot of your task. It has integrated third party apps that work with your stylus. For noting down reminders, you can use sticky notes and the Cortana will transform it into true reminders.

The sketchpad allows you to doodle, draw and the new virtual ruler that makes inking easy. The ruler works both on touch and stylus input. The screen sketch feature is also useful and takes a screen grab automatically and lets you ink over it and share.

Microsoft Edge extensions

For all the fans of Chrome extensions, there’s a good for you. Now these extensions are even available on Microsoft’s Edge browser. The new Anniversary update includes support for extensions and depends on the third party developers to stock the Windows Store with their add ons.

The web notifications are now added on Edge which will allow websites to push notifications to the Windows 10 Action Center. Microsoft has also enhanced the battery life for Edge and Microsoft claims it to be better than its competitors. Microsoft is also planning to provide a browser on Windows, giving users a better option over Chrome.

Dark theme and UI tweaks

The Windows has introduced the new dark theme which looks more polished. One can switch to the darker mode in settings which will automatically switch the built in apps to use a white background over the black theme.

Microsoft has also tweaked that the Windows 10 UI has integrated the apps list in the start menu and sliding Live tiles which allows you to directly go to the news item when you click a tile instead of opening the home page of the app. The Action Center too is improved making it re-organizable and get easy access to settings like VPN, Wi-Fi, quiet hours etc.

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Windows Hello extended to apps and websites

If you were asked to name the best feature of Windows 10, don’t look any further as Windows Hello is the best feature of the Anniversary update. Windows Hello is a smart way of signing into your computer which is done using your fingerprint or an iris or through face scan. Windows has now integrated the feature into apps and websites but only if you are browsing with Edge.

Xbox Play Anywhere

Now the Xbox One is finally getting the Windows apps. The Anniversary update has fulfilled the long held promise. Microsoft will soon start rolling out updates to support Cortana on Xbox One and Universal apps. This will result in more apps coming up for the Xbox. You can play the games purchased on the Xbox on Windows 10 PC’s and vice versa. You can also easily switch between devices.

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Improved Windows Defender

Microsoft has strengthened the security by providing improved Windows Defender that will automatically disable itself when you install a third party antivirus program. The addition of a new feature called the Limited Periodic Scanning acts as a security wall for your existing antivirus program.

When you turn on the Limited Periodic Scanning, the Windows Defender will automatically turn itself on and scan your PC periodically and simultaneously generating the summary of the scan. The enterprise users get the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection which provides protection even against advanced malicious attacks on networks.

Android Notification in your Action Center

With the help of Cortana pp, you will be able to connect your Android device with your Windows 10 PC to receive universal notifications. Once you are connected you will be able to sync your phone to your PC and you can perform actions like replying messages, send photos from a phone to PC and vice versa, dismiss notification and call on your phone from PC.

New Skype App

With so many apps already available on Windows 10, it becomes confusing to choose one. Microsoft has offered a new universal app in the Anniversary update that is said to be the future of Skype. You can do your Skype video and audio calls and launches quickly. You receive messages and notification irrespective of if the Windows 10 is open or not.

A more useful Action Center

Windows 10 update has made the Action Center more useful. The notifications are grouped by apps. The priority levels too can be easily set for each individual app in the settings menu. According to the priority level, the one with top priority is displayed at the top of the Action center and high priority is displayed in the middle. You can also customize the number of notifications to be shown and whether the app should appear as a pop up banner or sounds.


Overall, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has offered promising features. Microsoft has managed to provide solid and improved features that will help in performing the tasks easier. Windows has also made significant improvements to enhance battery life, DPI scaling and support multiple monitor making it faster.

But this not all, Microsoft will bring out more updates in few months which will have more prominent features and promises to have Windows 10 across multiple devices.

This is a Guest Article Contributed By Swaraj Nandedkar from TechLila Blog. 🙂

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