4 Reasons Why You’ll Be More Creative After Random Video Chatting

When you think about random video chat sites, what comes to mind? Probably activities such as making friends, talking with strangers, and so on. If you’re using a site like Camgo, chances are you’re there for some entertainment.

That’s a great reason to visit a chat site, but the video chat experience is more than just a fun way to occupy your down-time. To be more specific, spending time talking with new people online could have a positive effect on your levels of creativity.

Random Video Chatting

It sounds like the promise of an obscure self-help guru, but no – this is just a potential result of keeping an open mind while random video chatting. There are, however, a couple of strategies that could get you there faster. For one, if you stop to talk with every chat partner the algorithm throws your way, it won’t be very efficient.

There’s only so much that a pennywhistle rendition of “Take On Me” can do in terms of boosting creativity, so if you have a specific goal, don’t be shy about using the “next” button. Also, starting your chats with a request to talk about such-and-such subject is a good way to steer things in the right direction.

If your chat partners know that you have an objective in mind, the conversation is less likely to get side-tracked.

Now that’s out of the way, it’s time to talk about why you could see some concrete improvements in your creativity after random video chatting.

Your chat partners will keep you on your toes during debates

It’s great to think that you’re right, but how sure are you exactly? If you invite your chat partners to debate you on various topics, it’ll be more than a way to kill some time; you’ll be learning how to think on your feet as they challenge your viewpoints.

This is more than simply an exercise in critical thinking; it’s also a way for you to see your own opinions through someone else’s eyes. Next time you come across an unfamiliar viewpoint, you might even find yourself analyzing the details, instead of either accepting or dismissing it wholesale.

You want to avoid giving the impression that you’re just looking for someone to argue with online, so don’t simply surprise your chat partner with a controversial topic and expect them to jump in. Instead, turn it into a suggestion, and let them choose for themselves.

Popular random chatting activities could carry over to your real-world friendships

Have you ever wished for something different to do with your friends? If you start random video chatting regularly, that wish might come true.

You don’t even have to ask your chat partners for ideas; you could just see what you cross paths with as you explore the random chats. If the games, challenges, and other activities you do with your chat partners can happen with webcams and computer screens, you can definitely pull them off with your friends.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s another friendship-related benefit besides just having more fun. When the algorithm matches you with a chat partner, you get to decide whether or not to stick around for a conversation.

Some people will get an instant pass, but you might decide to see how others pan out. The point is, sometimes people will surprise you if you give them the chance – and that applies to the ones you meet in-person just as much as the ones you meet online.

You’ll learn how to see problems from all different angles

Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes – or many, as the case may be. If you’ve been working on a long-term project and don’t know which direction you’re going anymore, maybe it’s time to consult the random chats. Granted, you probably won’t even take the advice of half the people you talk to, but at least they’ll give you a new perspective on the issue. And sometimes, that’s really all you need.

Plus, once you’ve been through this process once or twice, you might even be able to do it yourself. You can learn to evaluate something from all angles just like you can learn any other skill, and random video chatting is a great way to grasp this particular concept.

A second (or third, or fourth) opinion doesn’t have to be right; it doesn’t even have to be particularly smart. It just has to get those wheels turning in your brain again, so you can keep your momentum going. And of course, if you ever need to consult someone else, the random video chats will always be there!

Chat partners can give input on projects, concepts, or even repair jobs

A fresh perspective is great, but you can’t beat some good old-fashioned advice. Perhaps you’ve been laboring on a handmade nightstand, and you don’t quite know how the legs should be shaped. Maybe you’re knitting a scarf, and you’re searching for the perfect fringe technique to finish it off.

Or, it could be that you just need some help repairing a dripping faucet in the bathroom. Whatever the case, the stuff you learn from helpful chat partners will hopefully stick with you for a long time afterwards.

But is it really creativity if you’re just following someone else’s advice? Well, are car manufacturers ripping each other off because all their vehicles have steering wheels?

No matter what they’re working on, everyone incorporates elements that came from somewhere else; the important thing is that you put your own work and imagination into the end product.

Whether you’re after entertainment, advice, or something in between, random video chats are a great resource for anyone.

The question is, how could random chatting help you specifically? There’s no guarantee that every chat partner will meet your expectations (because let’s face it, this is the internet), but with some patience and a little common sense, you should be able to reach your goals with random video chatting.

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