WhatsApp Brings Voice Calling Features For Android Smartphones

Within short time span from inception, WhatsApp has become the most used messaging platform for more than 700 million smartphones’ users. In order to be the perfect choice among the users, WhatsApp launches different important updates that enrich the messaging experience with superb functionality. Recently, WhatsApp has released the most awaited feature “Calling Feature” for the Android users. Now, the users not only can send the message, but also call to their loved ones, family or friends with the help of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Calling Features

WhatsApp Calling Feature
WhatsApp Calling Feature

As per the websites, the users having WhatsApp of version 2.11.528 from the Play Store (or 2.11.531 from WhatsApp website) may witness the caller tab (newly added feature) that enables them to make a call to their friends and pass the invitation. The invite feature will only work, if the recipient’s smartphone has Android platform and updated WhatsApp.

What New Changes You Will See In Calling Feature

The Calling features are superbly integrated with WhatsApp. There is the perfectly designed tab that showcases the missed calls, outgoing and incoming call with the timing slot. The users will see the Ongoing calls slab in the notification, until they hang up. On the other hand, for missed call there will be a notification, which users can check when they want.

During a call, the users can also start the loudspeaker and keep the microphones in a mute mode. A call button will be appeared to the users inside the text chat of any contact, so that the users can easily make a call to the desired person.

Moreover, now the users will see the profile image in a bigger size with message, call and view the information tabs. The call button on the smartphone will also work in order to make and receive a call.

How To Update WhatsApp With Calling Features

First of all it is required that your smartphone is powered by Android platforms (preferably Android Lollipop or Android KitKat). If you have any of the preferable Android platform, then follow the below given step by step instructions that may help you add the Calling features in your WhatsApp.

Let’s Have A Glance Over Following Instructions:

1. Uninstall the WhatsApp (older version) and maintain the backup.

2. Go to WhatsApp official website, from where you can download the app. Now, you will get the latest version of this messaging app. This will be the APK file.

3. Now install the APK with help of following steps:

A. Go to Android Play Store, where you will find ES File Explorer.

B. Download ES File explorer.

C. Now, open the ES File Explorer & go to the download APK section

D. At last, install the downloaded WhatsApp APK

4. After completing downloading and installation, you should find the person, whose WhatsApp calling feature has already activated. Ask that person to call you through the WhatsApp. When you get the call, the same calling features will be activated in your smartphone too. There you will see different tabs comprising call & chat features.

According to the estimation, it has been evaluated that when this feature is available for all the users, the network issue will hamper the quality of voice, but WhatsApp’s developers will definitely implement a new way to stabilize the network traffic and the users will get the good quality voice.


With the integration of Voice Calling feature to WhatsApp messaging, the WhatsApp will get more users and become more popular all around the world. If we get any more information about the WhatsApp feature, we will soon come up with the post. You can also share any news regarding Calling feature with the help of comment section.

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