What Skills Do I Need to Become A Solution Architect?

Despite its name, a solution architect is different from that professional who designs buildings and houses. Instead of drafting a building layout, a solution architect needs information technology background as well as great project management skills. In this article, we will look at some of the necessary skills that a solution architect is expected to have.

How to Become a Solutions Architect

People who encounter this particular profession may be wondering, “what does a solutions architect do?”.

As its name implies, a solution architect designs a set of solutions based on a particular need. In the context of business, solution architects usually integrate modern tech solutions to real-world issues.

Of course, providing business solutions for a company is not as simple as linking Lego blocks or coming up with the final strategy after a few hours or days. This entails a lot of skills, both learned and innate.

Skills That A Solution Architect Should Have

First and foremost, to become a solution architect, you should be able to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering or other related majors. Through these mentioned courses, you need to study programming and systems engineering, operating systems, hardware compatibility, and advanced mathematics.

Pursuing a graduate-level degree will certainly provide an in-depth knowledge of software engineering, systems design, and computer architecture. Learning these will also allow you to develop leadership and project management skills.

Here are some of the fundamental skills that a solution architect should have:

Problem solving

As a solution architect, you need a lot of time to think how you will create a strategy that will perfectly fit the kind of business, specifications of the company owner, and the kind of technology that the business can handle. Sometimes, drafting the solution alone may take more than a couple of months, depending on the gravity of the problem.

This is where a solution architect’s background on information technology will play a key role. This job has to deal with computer-based problems from designing technical applications to developing information systems.

The solution architect is responsible for creating technical, computer-based tools that are needed to help the business achieve its goals.

Business assessment

Being a solution architect also involves assessment and mapping of products that are focused on cloud data center virtualization efficiency and smarter working capability. You should be able to determine the business requirements and commercial limitations, thereby ensuring that you can come up with the best solution possible.

Self-driven attitude

The right attitude is similarly important. Just like in any kind of profession, a solution architect should be someone who does not stop even when faced with a dead end. Instead, you should find other ways to add value by providing a whole stack of solutions.

Information Technology background

Having knowledge in establishing software solutions that fit the organization’s technical landscape is equally essential. This should meet the business requirements, which would mean having to communicate with both technical and business stakeholders.

More Skills To Become A Better Solution Architect

Other soft skills that may also be important in a solution architect include the following:

  • Rapport building. You should be able to build good relationships with the business owner and with people that you work with.
  • Decision making. This may sound easy, but an effective solution architect can decide even in the riskiest and bleakest of situations.
  • Presentation skills. The solution architect should be able to present his ideas to the business owner in a way that is easily understood.
  • Networking abilities. The solution architect should be the kind of person who knows his way with people. You should be able to see opportunities and facilitate the development of knowledge‐intensive products that would enhance the market performance of the business.

A solution architect has a high earning potential that can reach a six-figure salary. If you think you have the drive and technical knowledge to provide solutions to the needs of companies, being a solution architect could be your first step towards a great career ahead.

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