What Is The Best USB Mixer For Podcasting?

Finding the best USB mixer for podcasting does not have to be an arduous journey. In fact, there are several USB mixers for podcasting that continue to receive stellar industry ratings and user reviews.

The Best USB Mixer For Podcasting

Whether for home or office-based podcasting, you need a unit that is user-friendly, easy to control and full of essential podcasting A/V features. If you are new to podcasting or a seasoned broadcaster, here are some of the top mixers available on the market today.

1] Behringer XENYX Q802USB

Behringer is the first name in USB audio mixers for podcasting shows. In fact, this version is fairly priced at $89.99, and is considered a classic favorite among podcasters.

The same also goes for musicians and producers — who simply love the unit’s low-noise and high-headroom mixing features. The latter includes low distortion risks, along with cleaner and crisper audio for output signals.

Similarly, this unit includes two modern XENYX mic preamps, as well as USB mic ports and studio-quality compressors with embedded knobs for easy sound control.

Users continue to herald this USB mixer for its clean audio vocals; a must for transmitting your podcasts across a plethora of platforms and networks. This mixer is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows systems.

It can easily be plugged in via its built-in USB interface. With support for 8 channels and 2 bus outs, this unit delivers high-end audio quality for new or veteran podcasters.

2] Behringer XENYX X1204USB

Behringer tops the list again with this upgraded version of the I202USB model. The latter was heralded for being a cost-affordable and reliable audio mixer about 5 years ago.

Since then, it has grown to become one of the top favorite podcasting mixers among podcasters. The new version features convenient sliders/faders instead of the old knobs. This makes it easier to control or adjust channel volume settings.

The newer version also offers support for up to 12 audio channels. It even has four mic pre-amps, as well as single-knob compressors and fully-integrated USB audio interface.

This version is now compatible with Linux operating systems — a major enhancement from its previous version. Here are some more key features of this powerful USB mixer currently priced at $199.99:

  • User-friendly USB audio interface.
  • 2 bus outs and support for up to 12 channels.
  • Four mic preamps.
  • Single knob compressors.
  • 3-band British-style EQs.
  • Fully compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

3] Mackie ProFX8v2

The Mackie ProFX8v2 is considered one of the best mixers in the $200 range. In fact, many beginners and novices use this unit to get into podcasting.

This model is perfect for recording, along with live performances or musical productions. This audio mixer offers support for up to 8 channels, and features 4 XLR inputs and 3-band equalizers. It also has an easy fade adjuster, and is currently priced at $219.99.

The Mackie ProFX8v2 may be a bit more expensive than Behringer — but it’s certainly worth it. In fact, this unit has 4-channels, built-in USB input/output ports, and noise-reducing preamps for great sound quality. Here are some more features of this popular podcasting tool:

  • Fully integrated USB audio interface.
  • 3 bus outs with support for up to 8 channels.
  • 4 Mic preamps.
  • 7-band graphic equalizer.
  • Easy direct connection for instruments through Hi-Z input.
  • Fully compatible with Mac and Windows OS.

USB Mixer For Podcasting

4] Mackie ProFx 16v2

This powerful USB podcasting mixer is currently priced at $499.99. While definitely expensive, this unit features support for up to 16 channels. It also has 4 bus out, along with 10 mic pre-amps and a 7-band graphic equalizer.

The Mackie ProFx 16v2 even has Hi-z input for directly connecting instruments. While not the perfect choice for simple or small group podcasting, it is very useful for larger or bulk-volume podcasting needs.

The USB mixer features a wide array of inputs, and the unit is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

These are some of the top USB audio mixers for all your podcasting needs. As always, check for special discounts and sales, along with promotional savings on different types of USB-based podcasting audio mixers online.

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