What Is ATS Or Applicant Tracking System?

The applicant tracking system is software that offers services such as providing tools for recruiting and hiring people for companies. Also, they help in the collection of resumes and applications from different sources and sort it for you.

Applicant tracking system

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Whenever you apply for any type of jobs online, your resume or CV does not reach directly to the hiring team rather initial processing is first done by the ATS. Hence, if ATS algorithms optimize your resume, only then it is viewed by any other human, for instance, your hiring manager.

An Applicant tracking system makes the process of hiring quite convenient by putting it all together into single software which can save a lot of time for recruiters as they do not have to struggle for so many reviews by handling multiple tabs.

Just by using a single interface, the ATS could cater variety of services such as setting up career sites, generating job opportunities, publishing jobs on dashboards and other social media websites, configure the referral portal for the employee, managing applicants, managing representatives, scheduling of interviews, providing offers as well as the database development for a candidate.

All the major corporate organizations and big institutions make use of Applicant Tracking Systems for carrying out recruitment and job selection. There is a multitude of ATS software available for the purpose.

Being a professional, you should know how to write a typical resume for getting selected into large companies and reputed organizations.

For improvising your resume writing skills, you can check Arielle resume writing services. Let us look at the functioning mechanism of ATS step by step which is mentioned as follows:

Applicant tracking systems keep on gathering and storing resumes of applicants in a proper database to make it accessible for the recruiting professionals.

Depending upon the type of system they are utilizing, the recruiters can look for the resumes and sort them through various means. 4 steps of the working mechanism of ATS are.

1] Inspecting applications

There are many hiring managers who would like to go through every application that has been submitted for a respective job profile by the means of ATS software. In such cases, the top highlights of the applicants are quickly reviewed along with their job titles and different organizations.

With the help of this, it can be decided if the recruiters want to further contemplate the application or not in merely 6 seconds. Therefore, it is recommended for the candidates to ensure that their major skills and educational qualifications could be easily observed.

2] Preprogrammed ranking

Some ATS software can make a comparison between the job description as well as the resumes submitted in an automatic fashion. For instance, “Req Rank” (a feature denoted by Taleo) works by ranking the applicants on the basis of how much score their resume got as per the job description.

This can act as a great time saver as the recruiters do not have to look for every application rather they could review only those that are the most identical with job requirement.

3] Searching for keywords

ATS software works on the basis of specific searching of the required skills and titles in a resume to optimize it for future purposes.

Searching for keywords

For instance, if the job profile is of being a “psychologist” and the number of applicants is exceeding 400, then the initial step of action would be looking for the word “psychologist” to filter those candidates who have had prior experience in the same field before.

And those resumes that do not contain this keyword would be segregated. The keywords could be multiple also, hence, and then ATS would look for multiple terms such as a mixture of skills and headings crucial for job purpose.

Therefore, those candidates who could guess the right keywords to put in their resumes will have an enhanced likelihood for going to the next step i.e. search by interviewers. And one can accomplish this task by properly analyzing the job description.


Therefore, ATS software is a great tool for corporations and professional industries for recruitment and job selection in an easier and comprehensive way.

Also, for fighting against the strategy opted by ATS algorithms, you can always enhance your skills of resume writing, mentioning clear qualifications that are most suitable as per your job profile and many more such measures could be taken.

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