What Are The Business Benefits of Recording Skype Calls?

Skype is a revolutionary software designed by Microsoft that has facilitated the ease of doing business. It has a wide variety of collaboration tools which help to get real-time inputs like explicating a power point presentation for the purpose of real-time collaboration.

Business Benefits of Recording Skype Calls

Skype is supported by multiple platforms and has become an integral part of every business owing to the multitudes of benefits.

What are the Business Benefits of Recording Calls?

  • Personalized customer care – Through this, the service industries can help its customers to experience the joy of personalized service. For example, the agents of the service industries can chat with the customers via video or voice calling system so as to provide solutions to their problems, this facilitates the company to earn credibility and customers’ faith.
  • Improve service quality – Recording customer feedbacks and interactions further helps the company to understand and solve the real problem of the customer and why they are contacting the call centre time and again. It thereby facilitates the company to improve its service by dint of which it is able to optimize its call volumes.
  • For training – This is also used to train the agents and provide them with the insights into how they can handle various types of callers with ease, even when they are handling the customers face to face through video calling system.
  • To check compliance – For a company with huge client base it is necessary to keep a track on whether the company policies are being followed and whether they abide by the compliance regulations for future use also it is worth mentioning that to save guard the privacy and integrity of personal and sensitive information Skype avails the end to end encryption algorithms.
  • Collaborate across boundaries – This can be also used for important business meetings or collaborations for example a Japanese Company sitting in Japan can seal a deal with a company in US, sitting in the US, via Skype for business because it provides high-quality HD video calling feature and as stated earlier all the important stuff can be recorded for future references.

How to record Skype calls

There are only a few steps involved to understand how to record skype calls.

How to record Skype calls

  • 1st – Click on the “more options” button, then further click on “start recording”. Check whether the audio is connected or not if not then click on the mic icon to connect.
  • 2nd – The control panel beneath the video showing Pause, Resume or Stop the recording must be used.
  • 3rd- You can see whether anyone else is recording or not, to do that click on the red recording button.
  • 4th – Once the meeting is over, click on the Stop Recording button
  • 5th- This software saves the entire recording in MP4 format, windows media player supports this format.

Skype for business is growing at a very fast rate and already has over 300 million satisfied customers. This technology will not only help your business meet the needs of your customers easily but also generate faster returns on your investment.

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