What Are PDF Readers Used For?

There was a time when PDF readers were only used to read and edit PDF files. Today, they can do a lot more such as merge two documents, electronically sign a document, insert a picture, format the document or apply a password to a document.

In short, PDF readers have underwent upgrades and have transformed completely.

What Are PDF Readers Used For?

Let’s get to know what are PDF readers used for today:

1] E-Book Reading

Ebooks, also known as electronic books, are a digital package of pages that one can read on any electronic device capable of supporting PDF documents.

Ebooks were invented in 1971 but it took a lot of time for PDF readers to support ebook reading. Today, we have several PDF readers that support the feature.

If you are a reading enthusiast and looking for a quality PDF reader then download a tool like Soda PDF. It offers many reading options such as font size adjustment, bookmarking, adding comments, highlighting texts, zoom into text, etc.

2] Text To Speech

This is the era of artificial intelligence (AI) that has been merging with technology to provide convenience and making it easier for us to carry complex tasks.

PDF readers too have a blend of artificial intelligence features in them. Modern PDF readers allow text to speech. It’s a feature that reads out written text.

This is a huge breakthrough because it helps in many ways but the biggest benefit is for people who are too busy to read or cannot read due to issues with sight.

This feature can also be used in corporate meetings when a document, strategy, or a piece of papers need to be read out loud.

It can also be used to dictate students in educational institutes.

Text To Speech

It caters to avid book readers who want to listen to ebooks rather than read them.

Hence, this is an exceptional feature that has taken the purpose of PDF readers to a whole different level.

3] Documenting And Organizing

There are more than 30 million small businesses in the US alone and they all deal with documents.

Companies need to document everything from scratch. This includes policies, strategies, contracts, notices, agreements etc. Same is the case with industries, hospitals, offices, schools, etc.

Here’s where a PDF reader comes in handy. It lets you create, edit them and even modify files.

With the help of PDF readers, you can perform annotations to label important texts, add time stamps or expiration dates to documents as well.

However, one of the most useful features is the e-sign sign. It lets you electronically sign a document without having to deal with the hassle of printing and wasting time and paper.

Apart from documentation, PDF readers also let you organize documents in alphabetical order, open multiple files in tabs, search in large PDF files, search on the basis of page number, etc.

PDF readers have changed how businesses handle files. They let you do a lot more than just read files, you only need to choose the right one.

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