Top 5 Weather Apps To Get Daily Weather Reports On Smartphones!

“Plan before you act” is the essence of your daily life. When you plan for the future event, you have to take into consideration, some variable and unpredictable factors. Weather is a natural phenomenon that plays the dual role of being benevolent as well as a detriment in the shape of flash rain, storm, tornado, hurricane, hailstorm, snowfall, rotating wind and many more.

Weather Apps

These may affect your planned action. Therefore, you need weather report on a daily basis on your smartphone. Following are the top 5 Weather apps that can keep you protected from weather threatening events.

1) Weather Bug

It is a brand of Ground Truth, which is headquartered in New York. It consists of a mobile app which reports hyper-local live weather data. You can download this app, free. It gives the real-time and the fastest forecast for the current weather for every hour for ten days.

It gives the most accurate and dependable forecast up to the minute. The largest weather network powers it. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Also It pinpoints the weather forecast for your city and its neighbourhood.

It also provides multiple radar views of different locations around the world. You can customise it, suiting to your lifestyle, including personalising on your home screen.

2) Weather Underground

It is owned by The Weather Company which is a subsidiary of IBM. It gets its information from National Weather Service. Besides the weather widgets, it provides information on health such as local flu outbreaks, UV risk and pollen. It predicts the hyper-local weather.

It provides the most accurate hyper-local weather forecast of the world. Moreover, it gives satellite maps and threatening weather alerts and reports live data from different weather stations. It generates forecasts targeted to your information.

You can get the report in languages like English, French, Greek, Danish, Italian, Indonesian, Finnish, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Japanese, and Korean.

3) Accuweather

It gives information, almost nearing the accuracy along with an awesome Real feel Index. Instead of the reading of the outdoor temperature, it suggests what it will feel like. It comes with maps, graphs, maps and video forecasts of your location along with the minute to the minute prediction of precipitation, to indicate rain.

National and Local Weather Radar

You have the option of two different three-day local weather forecasts for your home screen and get alerted about real-time rain, ice, snow, wind, and other weather-related threatening events. With your smartphones, you can view them, wherever you are.

You can track severe winter weather with weather radar maps, the hurricane tracker, real-time weather alerts, and holiday weather forecast. You confidently plan your journey.

4) Yahoo Weather Forecast

It offers a plethora of information supported by the ever-changing backgrounds from Flickr. You can get different types and sizes of widget for your home screen and will get notifications on your status bar. If you are an average user, you can get every kind of weather information without opting for apps with more professional features.

You can view the beautiful images of your city under their present weather conditions and can use the background for your weather data. You can view the static radar, heat, clouds and wind speed for ten days.

5) Weather Channel

It gives up-to-date and accurate weather information with the options of hourly, 36-hours and ten-day forecast, along with features like humidity, wind speed, visibility, UV index, pressure and dew points, ski condition, flu and pollen count data. This app comes with weather-related videos and clips from around the world.

It also comes with desktop widgets to display the weather and time of your selected locations. It covers all the basics such as radar, current temperature, breaking news, and lightning alerts. Also It is the most recognisable app which you can download, free.

You cannot fight against nature, particularly if it is related to a threat from the weather. At the same time, you cannot risk your life and property because of the vagaries of nature. The best option for you is to keep yourself updated about the erratic mood and its future course of action.

There are some weather apps available in the app store that can inform you about the current weather as well as for the future. Choose the right app and stay protected.

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