Wearable Tech – Ear Tiny Mounted Computer

The researcher Kazuhiro Taniguchi of the Hiroshima City University Developed an earpiece device that mounted computer. Kazuhiro Taniguchi create a prototype of mini computer that can work on the ear and that bring computing power to the ear. This tiny computer is wearable like Google Glass but use for ear.

Ear Tiny Mounted Computer

Ear Tiny Mounted Computer

This Wearable Computing device uses infrared to detect mouth movement and by that movement to command the device. By the Infrared wave this device determines movement of mouth when people open and close their mouth for example. So this device uses infrared sensors that monitor any movement inside the ear which differ depending on how the eyes and mouth move. This system will allow the user to navigate through apps using gesture or movement such as facial expression such as raised eyebrows, stuck-out tongue and  blinks so on.

Ear Tiny Mounted Computer

This is Bluetooth earpiece offering visual information like smart gadgets tech. this device  contains GPS functions, a compass, barometer, microphone, gyro-sensors, a battery and speaker making it a sensible tool to track the wearer’s biometrics and offer real-time information transmissions. Such a device could bring voice-assisted apps to the ears in a big way. Apps could be created for the device that would further increase its applicability, which can range from fetching traffic reports to getting directions.

Ear Tiny Mounted Computer

The advantage of that kind of Ear Mounted Computer is that it can benefit people can’t use their hands. It means permitting a wearer to work a device totally hands free. This Ear Switch’s sensors could offer as a apparatus to guard a wearer’s health changes and eating habits and also its many features, the on-board accelerometer could instruct the smart phone to relay information regarding the wearer’s physical conditions, or call an ambulance based on GPS data.

Developers say this device ready by Christmas 2015 can be connected to devices such as the iPod or the mobile gadgets.

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