4 Sure Ways to Search for the Background Audio of a YouTube Video

Ever watched a YouTube video and you ended up liking the background song been played in the videos’ background? Ever wanted the song so bad that you will do anything to get the song? Ever gone on a hunting spree online to find that particular song and you still didn’t find it?

Search Background Audio of YouTube Video

If your answer to these questions is Yes?, then you came to the right tutorial.

There are some unique or should I say rather – strange ways to search for the beautiful background audio:

Searching Google

Well, like they will always say, Google is your friend. As much as some people don’t want to believe it as it is the truth. Focusing on the lyrics of the song may help you remember some lines, just keep listening to the song to cram some lyrics.

To find the audio song using Google Search, just try listening to the song lyrics again and again as earlier said; memorize a few lyrics and type in the lyrics you just memorized into Google’s search bar.

Google may eventually bring out some random search queries that may be the exact song or some other stuff that has the same keywords with the lyrics.

Google will bring out a lot of queries depending on how popular the song is but you will eventually get to see the song while Google searching (This always works!).

YouTube Swap Library

Normally (not always), the background music is usually gotten from the Audio swap library of YouTube. The swap library is basically the place where you get the full information about the video you’re watching. The background song information, the artiste name, which song belongs to who you will get all that info right there.

YouTube Swap Library

The question now is: Where can I find this Swap Library?

Simple, Just click the video statistics button or click on ‘About’, the one beneath the video you’re watching, it is always under the video.

Clicking this button will end your search. You will get to see all information about the background song you have been looking for.

Midoni and Shazam

Strange names these apps have but they are names to two wonderful apps which can help you better in finding your background song.


This app is a unique app that can do the strangest of things, in their own words, this is what they do – You can find songs with midomi with your own voice. Forgot the name of a song?

Heard a bit of one of the songs on the radio? All you need is your computer’s microphone; click the “Singing Search” to start recording your search. Save record and search and wow! You just got your song!


Is a fantastic mobile app which works only when you install it on your phone. The next thing you need to do after installation is to find a speaker (be it a desktop computer/laptop or any other speaker) and place the phone close to it.

But, since the song you’re looking for is on YouTube, Just place your phone close to the speaker of your computer and play the song, automatically, the shazam will identify the song at once.

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Through Twitter

You can find the background song using this trick I saw online. It doesn’t work at all times (it depends largely on how popular the video that contains your background song is).

Copy the video ID that contains the background song you wish to get, as shown below the video ID are those random letters and numbers in yellow.

Just copy those and paste it on twitter search bar and search. Twitter will bring up random tweets about the video; you will surely get to see the background song being tweeted about.

If the video is popular you may eventually get to see the official twitter wall of the video, all the news about the video will be tweeted from there. Rummage through the wall and you may be lucky to see them tweet about that particular background song and who sang it.

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