5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Startup’s Email Marketing Campaign

If you are a part of the digital market or aspiring to be then you might have an idea what email marketing is. This trend though new but is quite a popular marketing strategy of the recent time. The proper reason that can be cited for its immense popularity is that it brings much return than any other form of marketing.

Email Marketing Campaign

A survey shows that a business gets almost 50% extra sales when they take to email marketing. Even the leads generated by social media marketing are lesser than this strategy. If you are having a startup business this can help a lot to set up business. In this article, we have mentioned some effective means by which you can boost the email marketing. The ActiveTrail newsletter software is one of the advanced tools that help in the mail marketing strategies.

Know When to Send

The widespread use of Smartphones has increased the possibility of the users to get notified whenever you email them. But that does not mean that the readers will surely read the message. To send them a mail there is no fixed time, you have to experiment and find the most suitable time yourself. The platform provide all the necessary information like the tips to use, tricks and discount once the audience subscribes to your email newsletter platform.

Have a Customer Centric Approach

Do you feel interested in every ad you receive through emails? We feel that your answer is a “NO”. Well, that’s quite natural. The same goes for your audience. Not everything catches their attention. So, you do have to put in the extra effort by making the emails more personal. This is known to be the customer centric approach. To kick start the approach start segmenting your audience. Now, provide them different types of contents on the basis of their sex, age, and other things. The beginnings should be attention grabbing.

Offer Value

You might say that you have a huge email base for the beginning. But to your knowledge, they aren’t enough. To make the emails more appealing to the audiences you have to offer something valuable besides your products. This will make the people subscribe to your mailing list. You might also consider adding a blog section to your official site. Provide all the necessary information like the tips to use, tricks and discount once the audience subscribes to your email newsletter platform.

Know the Application of Call-To-Action

Know the Application of Call-To-Action

As per rules, you should put only one call-to-action part. This is why you should master the content style of your newsletter. A short and precise email revealing the important facts can grab attention instantly. Consistent follow-ups can also be quite helpful in the matter but you have to make sure that the links lead to whatever the newsletter is about.

Enhance the Delivery Performance

Some major enemies of email marketing are spam label, fake email addresses and bouncing emails. To improve the performance of the emails you can add the verification services and email scrubbing. If you are utilizing them then you can be sure of the email lists. Thus, there will be lesser bounce rates.

All the above-mentioned are result oriented in terms of email marketing.  If you wish to apply them to your business you can opt to ActiveTrail newsletter software and notice almost immediate results. 🙂

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  1. Email marketing can be a daunting task, but it is extremely important in such a competitive world. Thanks for sharing!

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