Great Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Gamers

If you are in a couple, then it can seem like no sooner has your wallet recovered from Christmas, and it is time to start searching for a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Even if your partner thinks Valentine’s Day is a bit silly and tells you not to buy anything, a well thought out gift that doesn’t smack of generic chocolates or flowers can be a cute way to get some brownie points, and of course, you won’t be embarrassed if it turns out they bought you something after you both said you wouldn’t (the start of many a sitcom couple fight).

Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Valentines Day Gift Ideas

If you are coupled up with a gamer, then this can be a good starting point for your gift search, however with gift buying funds low at this time of year, you may not want to splash out for a new game release, console, or tech accessory. Instead then, check out these cheaper gift ideas for gamers on Valentine’s Day:

Game Merchandise

Is your partner a huge fan of a classic game franchise like Super Mario, Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog or Pac-Man? Or are they obsessed with a more recent game like Fallout 4 or Assassin’s Creed? You can find some great merchandise for popular games, including fun bobble head dolls, t-shirts, wallets, hats and bags, and even Lego versions of game characters.

This sort of thing can make a much appreciated alternative to the ubiquitous ‘teddy bear holding a heart’, and will be far more fun to display or use, because it won’t make their friends want to puke. Also, while bedsheets with Bowzer on them may not be everybody’s idea of romantic, your partner will be really happy you are taking an interest in what they love!

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Some Handmade Pixel Art

Making something yourself is a great way to get your gift on the cheap and still look like you’ve done something incredible for your loved one. If you are a bit limited in the art department, then simply invest in some Perler beads and the appropriate peg board. The beauty of these, when it comes to creating gamer gifts, is they do a great job of representing pixels, meaning you can create a handmade replica of an old sprite from their favorite 16 bit game and it’ll look fantastic!

A Custom Puzzle

People who enjoy video games also tend to like the challenge of a puzzle in general, and a lot of ‘offline’ puzzles are far cheaper to buy than the latest AAA titles. Consider making this kind of gift even more personal by getting a puzzle made for them, featuring a soppy picture or just an image of something they love. Stave puzzles do some great custom jigsaw puzzlesclick here to see their puzzles.

Of course, these are just a few of the options for giving a gift that really means something to your game fanatic boyfriend or girlfriend if you don’t have much money to spend. If you use their gaming fixation as a theme, there are loads of great ideas you can jump on! 🙂

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