Valentine Week List 2016 Dates Days Name Schedule Complete List

Valentine Week List 2016 Dates, Schedule, Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Promise Day, Valentine Day Full list Sheet / Chart / Calendar. Happy Valentine Day 2016 is very near. So Here on TechFeast, The list of Valentine Week List 2016, Day wise and date wise list of Valentine Days.

Valentine Week List Days 2016 Dates Full List

Valentine Week List Schedule Days
Valentine Week List

As we know that, In Valentine Week apart from Valentine Day, there are many other celebration days too like, Rose Day, Propose Day, Hug Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day and Chocolate Day too. So like every year, this 2016 year too, Valentine Week 2016 will start with the Rose Day on 7th February.

List of Valentine Week Days Sheet 2016 (Calendar)

  1. Rose Day Date:- 7th February, 2016 (Sunday) – Rose Day SMS Images
  2. Propose Day Date:- 8th February, 2016 (Monday) Propose Day 2016 – SMS
  3. Chocolate Day Date:- 9th February, 2016 (Tuesday) Chocolate Day 2016
  4. Teddy Day Date:- 10th February, 2016 (Wednesday) Teddy day 2016
  5. Promise Day Date:- 11th February, 2016 (Thursday) Promise Day 2016
  6. Hug Day Date:- 12th February, 2016 (Friday) – Hug Day SMS
  7. Kiss Day Date:- 13th February, 2016 (Saturday) – Kiss Day Sayri SMS
  8. Valentine’s Day Date :- 14th February, 2016 (Sunday) – Valentines Day Wishes Quotes

India and Entire world waits for Valentine’s Day all the year and when it comes they celebrate all over a week. From School to colleges, Office to home everywhere people celebrate this Valentines Week.

Some people propose to their loved once, some of them gives gift and celebrate. Everyone of them always try to celebrate Valentine day with unique way. We will share some ideas to celebrate Valentine Day 2016. We will also share Valentine Week Day’s SMS and Photos and much more.

Happy Rose Day :- 7th February, 2016 (Sunday)

First Day of Valentine week is The Rose Day which will be celebrated on 7th February, 2016 (Sunday). This is the first day, beginning of Valentine Week. On this day, you can give Rose (Red, Yellow, White, Pink) to your girlfriend or loved one, who you love, best friend or anyone for whom you feel something. And celebrate Rose Day.

Happy Propose Day :- 8th February, 2016 (Monday) 

Second day of Valentine Week 2016 is The Propose day which will be celebrated on 8th February, 2016 (Monday). As the name suggest, on this day you can propose to anyone you love. Get roses, bouquet, gift, cards and go to your sweetheart and explain your heart, explain your feelings to your beloved one.

Happy Chocolate Day :- 9th February, 2016 (Tuesday) 

On Third day of valentine week, you can exchange chocolates between friends or family members. It is most awaited day for chocolate lovers all around the world. As its a official chocolate day of the year, It will be celebrated on 9th February, 2016.

Happy Teddy Day :- 10th February, 2016 (Wednesday)

Fourth day will be celebrated as Teddy day on 10th February, 2016, where you can gift teddy bear to your loved one. Or even your brothers, sisters and friends too. Teddy is always a cute and best way to express your feelings. Valentine week is not only about lovers, best friends can also share.

Happy Promise Day :- 11th February, 2016 (Thursday) 

Fifth day of valentine week is Promise Day which will be celebrated 11th February, 2016. Its a day of promise, trust and faith in each other. On Promise day, you can give promise and take promise to each other and you need to committee support and promise to that person.

Happy Hug Day :- 12th February, 2016 (Friday)

Sixth Day of Valentine Week is Hug Day, On 12th February, 2016. Give Hugs and receive Hugs. Not necessary that you can only hug lovers, hug anyone and receive hugs in return. A single hug can make someone’s day special, so don’t wait and spread love on hug day.

Happy Kiss Day :- 13th February, 2016 (Saturday) 

Just before Valentine day, Kiss Day is celebrated on 13th February, 2016. Well, this might be the most awaited and favorite day among all lovers. Who don’t like to kiss right? We all love to kiss our lovers and so, give kisses. Kiss Day 2016.

Happy Valentine’s Day :- 14th February, 2016 (Sunday)

The Finale day of Valentine Week is Valentine Day. On 14th February, 2016 all over the world, people will celebrate Valentine Day, spend some time with your lover, kisses, hugs, gifts, romantic songs, flowers, talks, jokes, candle light dinner, long ride, short ride, parks. Do whatever you can on this day. This day is belongs to the one whom you love the most, he/she deserve this day along with you.

Enjoy this awesome lovely week with the joy and romance, Browse this site for more posts and ideas about the Valentine Week List 2016. Lovers are giving great response, thanks for sharing beautiful lovely messages with us.

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