Using Social Listening Services Through Netbase to Generate More Leads

What is a Social Listening Service?

Social listening generally refers to the systematic monitoring of social media users conversations over various platforms concerning a mention of a specific brand or keywords related to that brand.

Social Listening Services

One of the primary benefits of using a social listening service is that it provides insight into a specific brand or trends within an industry that could inform a brand’s social media strategy and challenges from customers that the brand may be facing soon.

Customers share a surprising amount of insight into their interactions with a specific brand online. Even if this feedback is given anonymously, it is still valuable information for a brand to use to tweak its digital marketing strategy.

The Power of Thoughtful Keywords in Increasing New Leads

Gathering useful data on a brand from social listening is only made possible through the initial identification of effective keywords.

There is a science to that task, which should not be underestimated. Many social media listening companies promise amazing results to a brand, but they lack the attention to detail or resources to take sufficient time to identify the best keywords to track.

The immediate feedback that a brand may receive from a social listening service is that its target audience is engaging in different behavior that could be affiliated in a broader way with the brand.

For example, a brand using a social media listening service like Netbase likely already has a proven method of extracting the data that it needs from sources on the ground.

If the brand using the listening service happens to be a fitness fashion retailer, it would be helpful to know how many people who interacted in some form with the brand on social media also follow a certain gym or exercise program.

This makes pairing up with a strategic partner for the next phase of the brand’s social marketing campaign all the more effective over time.

Another valuable piece of information that can be obtained through a social media listening campaign is the number of social media users who are interacting with your brand at any point.

Consider this a fair warning that social media listening done well is almost exclusively focused on reporting back on the actual conversations that are occurring on social media about your brand.

It would be a grave mistake to sign up with a marketing firm that focuses on providing analytics only on conversations revealed through social media listening without spending significant resources and time talking about the broader trends that you can capitalize on in relation to your broader digital marketing campaign.

What Makes Netbase the Effective Choice for Social Listening Services?

Effective Choice for Social Listening Services

Netbase is known as a leader in the social media listening industry because the social media monitoring firm is beating out the competition by providing real-time results and metrics for its clients. This allows for a more responsive solution to customer service issues identified in social media conversations and postings about the brand.

In addition to providing fast access to reliable data on social media listening, Netbase is super effective at helping its clients to generate new leads based off of the market insights that surface through social media listening services.

One of the ways that so many clients are able to generate new leads from Netbase’s social media listening services is that they are able to capitalize on emerging market trends.

This includes examining other related brands that its clients’ target customer base are interacting with. It also leaves room for identifying synergy between different products and services within the same industries.

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