Useful Tricks And Tips To Use App Efficiently is one of the most popular applications among the teenagers. It is the DIY music video app which was developed in 2014. The people can make 15-second videos which mostly provides the content of dancing or any lip-syncing of the hits.

It also helps the users to begin their career by sharing their videos of talent with others. Even the traditional music stars started using this app to debut their videos and get to know about the viewer’s opinions, and later they go to YouTube. contains about 70million users, and this makes it be the in the top places in the app store. Initially, the app was meant for making music videos later the founder revamped it to be a social network like Facebook, and this helps for the success of the app in the year of 2016.

This new idea of making to be connected with the social network works out, and the team found that about 500 people download the app in a day. The most important thing which paves the success is the retention of the users.

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1. More Fans:

As the app is mainly focused on the social networking, it is essential for the user to make more followers. The first step to having more followers is just to click the leader board button on the search page, and in turn, the top music players are displayed.

By clicking one of the music leaders and have a view on their page and fans. Most of the users have many users by sharing a unique video of them that is more attractive and impressive to others. Thus if the user shares a valid and innovative video, then it is easier to earn more followers. You can also use free Musically followers online hack tool to get unlimited free fans and followers.

2. Magic Musical Hours:

Posting the perfect videos is as important as to consider the time of posting it. Every user wants many people to view his/her video, so it is preferred to post the videos at the time between 11 am to 5 pm. This idea is suggested by one of the Canadian music users.

According to his observation, it is the time when many people are active at and thereby the video can have many viewers. It is also suggested to post twice a day to have a stable relationship with the followers. To make the profile to be famous then the user can post two videos in the morning and two videos in the night.

3. Trending Hash Tags And Songs:

It is observed that the videos with the new hash tags have more views because those hash tags fascinate many people to see the videos. Trending songs also help others to have attention towards the particular video. Another mandatory thing regarding songs is to know the lyrics correctly. Wrong words can make the video to be a bad one, and the video with wrong lyrics can be detected quickly.

The hash tag can be a brief description of the video that reporting about the way it gets to shoot and the particular place of shooting. The user can also share the situation while video making which makes the viewers pay more attention depending on the beautiful words.

Choosing a suitable location is a fundamental element since it provides the environment to the followers that are wished by the user. Posting the videos of viral challenges can bring more followers.

4. Post-Perfect:

Since it is an app related to videos, the users are not forced to live with the videos forever. Most of the users used to delete the videos which are bad and those that are made initially in the app. They feel that there is a drastic improvement in their sense of making videos.

Originally, they used to post the one that was taken initially rather consider its quality. But gradually most of the users prefer to have a perfect shot to have a better video, and thereby they get a good response from the followers. It is an opinion of most users is that they are in need to improve their room appearance to get a perfect post.

5. Facial Expressions:

Facial expressions play a significant role in the success of the videos. It is a general fact that the people get attracted with exaggerated expressions. Feelings make more followers such that the one who views the video may make his/ her friends have a look at the videos due to its best expressions.

So it is very essential for the user who makes videos to be more conscious on the facial expressions. Ideal angles are also one of the most powerful things in making videos. Fresh angles with proper lighting effect can help the video to be a perfect one who can make more followers.

6. Enjoy:

The users should not make videos just to become familiar thereby tends to try those things that do not suit them. They can make videos of those which they feel more comfortable with. Some may like to dance, or some may be good at making comedy videos.

Comedy videos have the same popularity as that of other videos, and it is found that there are more followers for the comedy videos. Thus there is no restriction in making concepts whether it can be a dance or comedy video but the mandatory thing is that the user has to enjoy whatever they do.

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