What are the Trusted and Safe Websites Selling Runescape Gold?

Runescape gold is profound among gamers because of its value as gaming currency. This is because Jagex, creators of Runescape make it possible for exchanging game items for items or services within the game. With Runescape gold, you will not indulge in real world trading that might prompt you to buy Runescape gold using real world currency.

Runescape Gold

Not only is real world trading non-beneficial, it is also prohibited by Jagex. On the market, you are bound to find many websites selling Runescape gold. These websites are true to Jagex and will not sell Runescape gold for real currency. Here are the trustable top 5 websites selling Runescape gold at good pricing:

  1. 4RSGOLD
  2. PartyPeteShop
  3. Food4RS
  5. NMZ Training


The most proficient of all websites selling Runescape gold is 4rsgold.com. This website is outstanding because of how it goes about the entire gold selling venture. Right back from its payment methods, which offer the player convenience to the operational authority it grants, this website, is the explicit.

4RSGold: Buy Osrs Gold Fast

4rsgold.com offers players a chance to place an order thereafter allowing you contact one of the website operators to complete the trade. This trading convenience is a strong suit for the website to be ranked first.

This trait makes 4rsgold.com come out differently from other websites where players close their own trade deals, which might end up being a bogus deal.

Furthermore, 4rsgold.com has varied payment options in comparison to other websites:

  • PayPal
  • e-checks
  • MasterCard
  • Any other online means of payment as long as cards are activated for use.

The convenience which 4rsgold.com offers a player in getting his coins, including the back-up support you get from the 4rsgold.com team is the sole reason this website is high in ranking.

2) PartyPeteShop

Apart from just dealing in selling Runescape gold, PartPeteShop.com also offers:

  • RS3 gold
  • OSRS gold
  • Cheap OSRS GP


PartyPeteShop.com boasts of offering players cheap Runescape gold. This is also highly convenient because you will not have to look at other sites, comparing prices of Runescape gold. PartyPeteShop.com offers Runescape gold at the cheapest possible pricing.

You can this virtual gaming currency with:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Debit/Debit card
  • iDeal
  • G2A Pay
  • Bitcoin

The website sells legit RS gold and in its years of experience, the feedback it has gotten on its Facebook Platforms is overwhelming. It buys gold form safe and trusted sources and unlike other gold sites which bot old school gold, this one does not.

Rather it re-sells.  It has live chart agents ready working around the clock so that they ensure you have your Runescape gold ready to go!

3) NMZ Training

From this website, you can buy this virtual gaming currency in either bulk or singly an order. NmzTraining.com offers players power levelling via:

  • OSRS
  • Nightmare Zone

When buying form the website, you will not have to worry about bans by Jagex. This is because the website hand trains every account it works hence bans are a zero-risk. The fast-service is also commendable.

The support team works on your account incredibly, with minimal down-time. It also tries its best to lowly price its nmz services. Generally, nmzTraining.com have hand-done round the clock the cheapest nmz service on the market.


Here is why you should buy at food4rs.com:

  • Guaranteed to offer cheapest prices on RS gold.
  • Instant delivery
  • An always full stock
  • It has sold RS gold for more than 4 years.
  • Certified by McAfee.

Food4rs : Runescape gold

The website offers safe trading for gold. If in the case of unforeseen circumstances your delivery gets lost within 24 hours, you will get an immediate refund. Food4rs.com deals with only genuine accounts therefore it does not indulge wit players who offend rules by Jagex.

The payments are secure and using either:

  • PayPal
  • G2A Pay

You will acquire gold sold directly only to players. Plus, it has a 24/7 service through its Live Chat opportunity.


At rsgoldpot.com, the feedback can solely speak for why you should think of the site as a good resolve to buy RS gold. It offers online 24/7 to deliver your gold. Besides that, the site has more than 6k happy customers and a professional customer service guaranteed to answer your every question.

The response service is incredibly fast and all paid orders are quite fast too. Also like food4rs.com, this site offers full compensation in the case your delivery is lost. You can get gold using your PayPal account.


This are the legit top 5 websites you can count on to buy RS gold from. They offer player convenience, delivery is fast and the icing on the tea is compensation for lost delivery.

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