The Top 3 Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your resume is the first thing that a potential employer will see. This is your point to make yourself shine. However, the fact is that far too many job seekers do not put in the time or effort required to create a superior resume. As a result their lackluster efforts are overlooked for a job seeker who understands what employers want to see.

Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume Mistakes

Regardless of if you are applying for Tuition Assignments or to be a CEO, you will need the right resume. Use the information here to avoid the 3 most common mistakes that are made when creating a resume.

Mistake 1: The appearance of the resume is skewed when you send it as an attachment to an email or the resume is not available in any other type of electronic format.

When you send your resume, or any type of document for that matter, as an email attachment from your computer to another person’s, it will often not look the same. For example, the fonts may be changed or the pages disoriented. If you are planning to send your resume through email as an attachment, you may want to send it to one of your friend’s computers first to ensure that the formatting is consistent.

In addition to that, it is also crucial that you have at least one electronic version of the resume to send through email and to post on various Internet job boards.

Mistake 2: Having references listed right on your resume.

You should never list your specific references on your resume directly. Instead, have them on a separate sheet and then you should only submit them when they are requested by a potential employer. Even the popular phrase “references available on request” is options due to the fact that it is simply understood that when requested, you will provide references.

If you could not, then you would not have any business searching for a job in the first place. While this line can serve as the end of your resume; however, if you are trying hard to save space, then you should leave it off altogether.

Mistake 3: Not including keywords in your resume.

When you are searching for jobs today, more and more of the effort revolves around the world of keywords. The reliance on keywords by employers allows them to easily find the candidates that they want to interview for their open position.

The fact is that employers are inundated by hundreds of different resumes, which means that they are relying more and more on technology to help them locate job seekers who have used specific keywords that are directly related to their available vacancies.

It all comes down to the fact that if you apply for a certain position with a company that is searching databases for the keywords related to the opening, and your resume is not focused on these words. 🙂

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  1. I agree that you should be 100% truthful on your resume and you shouldn’t lie on it because it could come back to bite you. My younger brother is applying for a new job and he needs help writing his resume. Those tips will help him a lot

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