Top Productive Apps That Suit College Student

Student life can be challenging as there could be many distractions all around. Many students find it challenging to organize their work and manage their work effectively while concentrating on their studies. The best dissertation service will help you manage your work with dissertations wisely to save your time on other things.

Best Apps For College Students That Improve Productivity

The Best Productivity Apps

Time management leads to academic success, but this skill is also necessary for other passions and careers; you also get a chance to take care of yourself and your mental health. Some apps are available to help you to use your time productively. We would categories the apps into three classifications: note-taking, focus, and time management.

Staying focused

There are times when students want to study but then find that they later scroll through social media. Some apps will help students to concentrate on their work and minimize distractions.


Forest app helps students to stay focused by using a creative approach. When you start your study period, the app allows you to plant a tree in an in-app forest that belongs to you. Your tree grows as you work, and whenever you pick up your phone, the tree will die.

You can have more trees in your forest whenever you concentrate on your work. The app belongs to a company that plants many trees in various countries. This will mutually benefit both you and the earth.


The app contains a perfect fusion of wellness, beautiful design, and productivity. The app gives you a chance of personalizing sessions of Pomodoro-focus with some varied sounds of nature and calm music. In case you exit the app, you will fail the focus session.


Many university students use their laptops for their studies. The students may face many distractions in their browsers. The app will block some sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

Management of time

Every student manages their own time in the university, and therefore, you need to plan your time effectively. Below are some of the Apps that would help you to manage your time.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar app is the simplest and most used by many students. You get to organize all assignments, extracurricular, classes, and events on your computer or phone. You may also set up reminders of some events that you want to do.

Microsoft To Do

The app helps you balance all your work into one place that you will easily access and set a reminder on the tasks you have to perform later.


The app contains various features of the tasks-keeping process. The app is efficient and easy to use as you can create reminders and make a to-do list. The language recognition in the app automatically sets a recurring or single task.

Taking notes


The digital notebook is popular and primarily used by many students. The app allows you to create various sections to save your work in various categories, including handwritten notes and voice notes.


Evernote app is essential as you can store your notes digitally. Students can also retrieve text from images and also do scanning of the physical documents.


Student life has been made very fun by the easy-to-use apps, and the students are therefore more advantaged than ever.

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