Top MMO Games To Try On PC That Aren’t WOW!

MMO games are getting better all the time. They still take a hit in the graphical department to be able to get so much landmass and information on the screen, but they are slowly working on this and patches and newer games are far more pretty.

Best MMO Games to Play Right Now

Best MMO Games

Gaming inherently changes as time goes on, but one thing that seems to have grown instead of dropping off is MMO gaming. While most people stick to the tried and tested WOW, they are missing a huge amount of other MMO games that can give them a different kind of overall experience. This article can help you find and try something new.

Elder Scrolls Online: ESO

Gaming with these kinds of MMO’s usually means you need a top line monitor which can display all the needed information properly on a heads up display. This site features quite an informative guide, so you can rely on it to pick the right display out.

Now you have gotten the right monitor, you can dive into the world of tamriel. The game plays similar to the coveted Oblivion and Skyrim games, which between them won a glut of awards. You choose your race and class then get launched into the world. It is great, and you don’t need a subscription to play it either, just the initial purchase fee.

For lovers of the elder scrolls franchise it finally gives you the opportunity to get some game time with your friends. You can look delves and explore the world together. But, you can also play it alone. It is a great rollercoaster of a ride that explores the lore of a tamriel’s thousands of years before the events in in earlier games.

Star Trek Online

Another gem of a game that allows you to experience MMO from the scope of science fiction instead of swords and magic. Perfect for Trekkies and people who just appreciate the genre. You have a whole galaxy to explore and your ship gets upgraded and renewed as you go on.

The option to invest your own cash is there, but you don’t at all need to if you have time to invest into the game. You can choose to be from the federation, romulan or klingon empires at the start and progress as thus. Crossing the galaxy and fighting foes like the Borg and Kardassians. You can also fight other players in the PVP zone. Just be sure you get your ship up to speed before hand.

Lord Of The Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Another game which is just brilliant for those who love Tolkien’s hallowed franchise. LOTR allows you to explore Middle Earth as a character of your choice. You can take part in events from the franchise such as helm’s deep and delve into the mines of moria or stroll through the vastness of rivendell.

Again, there’s a PVP element here, or you can team up and explore orc ridden ruins across the land, fighting off against bosses for the ultimate gear drops. It is a great game where you can live out your best LOTR fantasies. 🙂

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