Top 5 Challenges Solved By HROneAttendance Management Software

Every HR manager is responsible for a host of duties and needless to say, each of them is equally important for the growth of the company and its employees.

Managing the attendance of employees is one such key human resource operation. What makes this operation acutely vital is the fact that the attendance management data is used to calculate and process the payroll of employees.

HROneAttendance Management Software

Even though we have made it to the automation era, several companies in India are still managing their attendance and leave using outdated tools/systems. Now, manual systems for attendance management come with a lot of challenges. Most importantly, such systems fail to support HRs while working remotely.

This is the reason why most of the organizations across India have shifted to attendance management software such as HROne lately. Such systems are automated software tools particularly designed to automate and streamline attendance for companies.

In this blog, we will tell you the top five problems solved by attendance management solutions. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Delay in Leave Approval or WFH Requests

In a traditional work setup, employees are expected to write a mail or get in touch with HRs in person to raise leave or work from home requests. This in turn wastes a large chunk of time for both employees as well as HR professionals.

This is when attendance management systems come into the picture. Using such systems, employees can easily apply for leaves in just a few clicks and managers, on the other hand, can approve the same in just a matter of seconds using their mobile phones.

Challenges in Tracking Attendance of Remote Employees

It is no news that the working environment has dramatically changed in the past year. After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, almost every organization in India started working remotely.

Since this came as a surprise, they faced a lot of challenges in terms of tracking the attendance of their employees working from different remote locations. Fortunately, attendance management software solved this problem for companies and HR departments.

One of the top-notch systems enabling geo attendance, HROne not just helped employees to punch via mobile phones but also share photos, locations, and much more. This made the whole process super easy and helped HR professionals to track the attendance of their employees in real-time.

No Provision For Employees To Have a Tab On their Attendance Data

Before applying for leaves, every employee first needs to know his or her attendance history and leave balance. This, undoubtedly, helps employees to plan their leaves effectively. If we talk about manual methods, employees usually have to rely on their HR processionals to know such information.

On the contrary, attendance management systems give the autonomy to employees to do such easy tasks without having to disturb anyone. Attendance solutions allow employees to see their attendance and leave balance in the dashboard. This way, employees can easily track any loopholes that usually result in wrong attendance recording.

Wasting Time Setting Attendance Policies

Setting policies for attendance is not as easy as it sounds. It normally takes a lot of time and energy. Thankfully, no more killing time with manual methods as we now have an option to automate tasks. HR managers can efficiently set new policies as per their needs using one of the best attendance management systems.

One can put certain or all employees on the auto present, enable a flexible or strict policy or activate sandwich policy and deductions- everything using a single system. In addition to this, employees can stay on top of every vital attendance-related update anytime, anywhere.

Human Errors

Mistakes in attendance often cost a considerable amount of money to a company. The best way to avoid human errors is relying on automated geo attendance solutions.

Since such systems are fully automated, they require a bare minimum of human intervention. No human intervention means zero possibility of errors. In simpler words, HR managers will never have to worry about attendance errors along the way.

So, these are the top problems solved by attendance management software. We hope this blog helped you to know more about such systems and convinced you to get one for your organization at the earliest possible.

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