6 Marble Accessories for Your Tech

Marble is in, and for good reason. It’s durable, you can set your hot pans right on it (unlike laminate counter tops!), and maybe most importantly, it’s gorgeous.

If you love the natural and unique look of marble, you can now carry it with you fashionably everywhere you go! No, not real marble, but marble printed products for your tech.

Best Tech Accessories

These can help you capture the beauty of stone while adding some protection or convenience to your devices at the same time, and while you can’t put your hot pans on them, they’re still worth it!

1] Bold iPhone Cases

Keeping your phone functional has never looked this good! Nowadays you can get a variety of marble iPhone cases with an assortment of patterns and colors printed from photos of real marble. As a bonus, the case can add a degree of protection without adding bulk or making the ports difficult to access.

Even if you’re not the kind of person who uses a case because you don’t drop your phone, these marble-patterned cases may convince you to make the jump. Especially if you get cases for your other devices to match or a variety of stone looks across your electronics!

2] Stone-Esque Pop-Sockets

Pop-Sockets have exploded recently, and it’s easy to see why. The added grip helps people with either very small or very large hands keep a hold of their phone, and there are even some docks and holders designed to use the socket to cradle your phone while in the car or at home.

Luckily, these come in a huge number of marble prints, allowing you to match or contrast against your phone case’s design. Whether your goal is to have it blend in or stand out, these look great on your phone.

3] Native Union Marble Docks

Alright, forget what we said about just having the look of marble… These charging docks are made from the genuine stone! These docks are absolutely gorgeous, and come in iPhone, Apple Watch, and wireless charging editions for all of your potential needs.

The natural weight of the stone helps to keep the docks in place, so brushing the cable doesn’t topple the whole setup. The polished natural stone oozes luxury, making it perfect for everywhere from an executive’s office to an elegant bedroom!

4] Marble Charging Cables?!

Well, almost! These cables are black and white nylon braided in a pattern that is reminiscent of marble, but they come with a weighted knot on the phone end of the cable and a genuine marble base to set that knot down into.

The base is for adding stability (and class), while the knot helps to prevent the cable from fraying. The braided wrapping prevents the cable from bending excessively. If you’re in the market for a new cable, this could very well be the last one you ever need.

5] iPad and Macbook Cases

Since we’ve done everything else in marble, we might as well make what’s left match, right? If you’ve got an Apple PC or tablet, there’s plenty of selection for cases available when it comes to marble prints.

iPad and Macbook Cases

The light amount of protection won’t do much for a drop, but you won’t have to worry about the daily wear of going in and out of bags scratching up the aluminum body of your device anymore. Plus, the added elegance of marble will only enhance your aesthetic.

6] Want More? DIY!

If you have a burning need to marble a device that you just can’t find a product to match, consider vinyl wrapping it! Vinyl wrap is affordable, fairly easy to apply, and durable enough to stick on despite whatever use and abuse your device gets on a daily basis.

So, whether it’s an external phone battery or an aluminum wallet, you can complete your look on the cheap with just a little bit of craftiness.

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