Top 10 Best SSL Certificates Providers In 2020

If you are someone like me, you would be someone who wants nothing the best. Be it a smartphone or a new watch, you will conduct an extensive research before making the buy.

Be assured that it is a very good habit. The last time I bought a smartphone, I browsed close to 37 websites before I made my pick. I wanted to be sure that the model was cutting-edge, had the specs that were apt for my use and gave value for money.

Best SSL Certificates Providers

So when it was time to buy a SSL certificate, I doubled down on my research. After all, it is my website’s security and data integrity that is at stake. Nothing could be left to chance.

In the process I gained so much knowledgea bout SSL certificates and the top SSL certificate providers. Today, I want to share my hard-earned wisdom with you. It will enable you to make an informed decision when you want to buy an SSL certificate.

1] CheapSSLShop

Ranked one in this list as well as in popularity as the most reliable provider of SSL certificates — the CheapSSLShop is one place where all your security requirements will be met. The certificate provider offers a wide variety of SSL certificates including single domain and multi-domain and EV, OV and DV SSL certificates.

2] Sectigo (Formerly Comodo)

Comodo was rebranded as Sectigo recently. Proving state-of-the-art security products to customers is the main motto of Sectigo. The most striking part of Sectigo SSL certificates is that they provide SSL certificates with prices ranging from $10.50.

3] Entrustdatacard

Entrust is yet another choice of SSL certificate provider. If you have an online store that is facing cart abandonments due to security concerns, Entrustdatacard can offer a permanent solution. From boosting the rate of conversion to complying with PCI DSS requirements, it is a one-shot remedy for your security requirements.

4] Digicert

DigiCert is a popular name in internet circles. Users identify the DigiCert logo easily and relate to it as a recognized security symbol. With SSL certificates that are priced from $195 onwards, DigiCert is a destination where your search for cybersecurity measures will come to an end.

5] Geotrust

If you have a lighter wallet but a heavy need for a strongly encrypted SSL certificate, then GeoTrust should be your choice. GeoTrust is reputed for its high quality of service available on chat and email, money-back guarantee, immediate issuance and much more.

6] Thawte

Thawte has passed through several ownership hands before it got acquired by Symantec. Since its inception in 1995, Thawte has issued more than 945,000 SSL certificates. Its certificates are available in more than 240 countries. From DV SSL certificates to OV and EV, Thawte offers all kinds of SSL certificates.

7] Rapidssl

Owned and operated by GeoTrust, RapidSSL is a proven leader in the security space. The certificates offered by RapidSSL are well-known for their quick installation, ease of reissuance and immediate availability.

8] Networksolutions

If you want to stop by a single website where all your SSL certificate requirements should be met, check out network solutions. Network solutions offer a wide variety of certificates including OV, DV, EV and Wildcard SSL certificates.

9] Symantec

If you agree with the social tenet that quality comes with a price, Symantec SSL certificates are a good pick. Symantec offers SSL certificates with 256-bit encryption with unlimited server relicensing and reissues. With a warranty amount of $15,000 you are amply covered in case of any mishaps.

10] GlobalSign

GlobalSign is the great granddaddy of all SSL certificates. The GlobalSign logo is also well-recognized amidst online shoppers, retailers, businesses and even individual bloggers. The brand is reputed for its cost-effective yet highly secure SSL certificates.

Where to buy from

Remember I told you that I visited 37 websites before buying a smartphone? Well, it helped make the right choice. But, to buy your SSL certificate you don’t have to visit 37 websites — 10 is enough.

I have listed those 10 websites above. Hope it will help you make a quick buy without wasting much time going around in loops. From state-of-the-art security to round-the-clock support — consider all your security requirements taken care of.

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