Tips And Tools For Professional Bloggers To Write Better

Blogging is something which many people love to do. It is an easy way to pen down your experience and passion. In order to get more followers it is very important to create an original and creative piece of work, this will attract more number of readers to your blog. If there is nothing original readers won’t visit again and you might lose your frequent visitors too.

Tips for Professional Bloggers to Write Better

In order to create high quality and attractive blog, you must follow certain rules and guidelines. It is not mandatory to create just 500 words blog post, it can be of 1500-2000 words but it should be mandatory to be attractive and catchy. You can have pictures and videos too.

Here are some excellent tips and tricks which will make blogging fun and will help your page to get more visitors organically.

1] Keep paragraph short and crisp

Reading a long paragraph can be super boring, readers will just scroll down and move to the next post. If you want your reader to enjoy your write-ups, keep the paragraph short and sweet. People don’t like to beat around the bush, hence keep it short and crisp. This will be a great way to impress your audience.

The readers will be glued to your blog and will look forward to reading future blogs from you as well. Also, keep a check on the fragmentation of the sentence, use sentence fragment checker.  Make sure to stick to one form of writing, avoid just using randomly “I”, “we”.

2] Avoid Spelling Mistakes

A blog post with silly spelling mistakes is totally a disaster for the blog. Avoid doing silly spelling mistakes like form and from, your and you are, there and their etc. It is best to use a reliable grammar checker tool to avoid annoying spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Moreover, avoid following SMS and text language while communicating with your audience via blog post. It is the worst and informal way of sharing information with the readers. In addition to it, many readers are not much aware of text forms and they find it super difficult to interpret it.

3] Proof Read your blog after some days

When you have just written any blog post you would not be able to look up errors because the same thing has been running into your mind since very long. It is best to proofread your blog after 3-4 days; this will help you to read each and every line.

You can easily identify the errors which you missed at the first instance.  Make sure to always proof read line by line, it is best to turn on the audio. You can check the flow of writing and overall quality.

4] Follow a routine

Sometimes writing the blog can be too monotonous. It is mandatory to maintain continuity, follow a writing routine and stick to it. Try to manage 1000 words every week, it is easy and achievable.

Let the creative juice flow, don’t dump your blog with too many contents, stick to your niche and write creatively.

5] Feed your brain

The most important job of the blogger is to read and get contents and new ideas. In addition to it, always observe new things and get inputs from these ideas for your bogs. People love to read realistic things and narrations. Never miss the originality.

6] Eye Catchy Images

Apart from catchy contents readers love the visual treat, it is best to create eye catchy image content similar to your blog post. This can also include step by step picture tutorials or an information chart.

There are many tools which allow you to make use of default templates which can be used to create an image as per your choice. Always opt for the free stock images, clip arts, and backgrounds for your blogs.

7] Sharing button

Social Share Buttons

It is mandatory to add social sharing buttons on your blog; this will help you to get more audiences from various channels. You can encourage your readers to share your blog post on their social channels. People love to share catchy and creative content with their friends and folks on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

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